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Get Ready for World War Two and a Half.

We are about to live in exciting times.

Observing geopolitical events these days, something is becoming apparent if it was not before. The western Globalist oligarchy is really set on starting a new world war. These are the literal descendants of the people mainly responsible for getting the two modern world wars going, so they have had some practice.

It has been generally assumed that the old financial capitalist practice of starting wars between great powers in order to further their own aims, ended after the invention of nuclear weapons. Such conflicts had become too dangerous. So it has been believed that this is what has maintained a ‘cold peace’ between great powers for the past 77 years. 

This is a wrong assumption built on a set of other wrong assumptions. The first of these wrong subassumptions is that wars are about national rivalries. In fact, sovereign nations rarely have much to fight about.

Competent and responsible governments of nations generally negotiate with other governments to solve problems without warfare. However, capitalism does not tolerate responsible and competent government. It looks to overthrow them and install regimes they can control.

One of the things financial capitalism does with the nations it controls is to make them go to war with nations which they do not control, to bring them under control. This is what most wars have been about for the last three hundred years. The Industrial capitalists, on the other hand, will only support war if there is money to be made out of it, which is not always the case.

There is my concise explanation of what modern history is about. There will be war as long as there is capitalism. But a second wrong subassumption is that nuclear war has made great power conflicts obsolete, except for ‘proxy wars.’

This assumption is only part wrong. The financial capitalists were in fact eager to start a square off between the USA and the USSR all through the cold war. They even thought a limited nuclear war would further their aims.

The rulers of earth were always convinced that the Soviets would back off at the last minute if pushed hard enough, and cave in to what the global elite demanded. The Soviets never backed off. The Globalists were always furious with political leaders in the west who always, in the end, backed off from an all out war.

What actually prevented a nuclear war in all those years was, in part, the fact that western militaries had a good idea of what they were dealing with. As well, the Globalists were not as powerful in the post world war period as they had been before and became again for a short while after the end of the Soviet Union.

For twenty years after that, the Globalists assumed they had won. They let the American nuclear forces run down. But in recent years the Russians have gained an edge over them.

The Globalists assumed they were going to absorb Russia and China into their system; their final victory. In the past decade they find they have been bamboozled and their fury is boundless. They want the cold war back on again but cannot seem to grasp that they are no longer able to run the world as they once did.

This brings me to a third wrong subassumption, that a nuclear war cannot be fought and so it will not be fought. That is, unless some accident occurs and then everybody dies together. It is a cliche that no one can win a nuclear war, but winning one is not the point.

The truest thing ever said about nuclear weapons is that their main purpose is to make the enemy’s nuclear weapons unusable. A victorious nuclear war is fought only against enemies who do not have nuclear weapons, as in USA against Japan in 1945. Today Russia has more and better nuclear weapons than the Americans.

There are almost infinite ways by which the Globalists could try to push the Russians to the brink. A few actual nukes could be thrown back and forth. I think the dangers of a major nuclear exchange are exaggerated, but it could happen. 

Yet I am not worried so much about the USA trying to use nuclear weapons on Russia. What frightens me is a possibility which nobody seems to consider. That is, of the globalists using their main host organism and its nuclear arsenal to attack countries with no defenses.

The USA could decide that country X is slipping out of its control and becoming an ally of the Eurasian block. So it nukes country X out of existence and throws out a cover story for domestic consumption; intelligence showed they had secretly developed a super weapon they were about to use, or whatever. What would the Russians or the Chinese do in that situation?

The two big non Globalist powers cannot let themselves be isolated in the world, whether by financial blockades or by relational intimidation. They will have to demonstrate a willingness to defend, not only themselves, but their allies. By demonstration, I mean both of resolve and of ability.

Yes, demonstrations could get out of control and put us all ‘on the beach’. But it is really not in the Globalist’s nature to back away from confrontation. As Narcissists always do, they will strive for total control until all means of power is totally removed from them.

The consequences of letting these people gain the ability to carry out their real intentions for humanity could be as catastrophic as a nuclear war. It must be assumed that these people are serious when they talk about reducing the human race to about half a billion.

More on that below.

So, the face off between USA and Russia will continue and at some point, one way or another, there is likely going to be some kind of nuclear demonstration. It will most likely take the form of the Russians calling out some American facility they are going to obliterate, firing one of their advanced missiles at it, the ones the Americans could not stop even if they knew it was coming, and then calling; “your move.” They could just land a nuke on a patch of desert somewhere. Maybe they will take out Disneyland.

That would most probably signal the final implosion of Globalist power, both in the USA and the NATO countries. Judging by the way people in Hawaii reacted when they thought a North Korean missile was coming at them, it would lead to a condition of social collapse in the USA, followed by martial law and the end of the US constitution. We would then see a military junta in the USA, and the collapse of “wall street”, the financial oligarchy.

Before I go further, I must remind that my first object here is to show that fear of a Nukemeggiddon will not prevent a new world war. The way the financial elite talk and act in the world shows that they think they have the right to rule the world, that they are invincible, and that war has no negative consequences for them. They are hemmed in by other actors within the Global elite who are somewhat less crazy and are aware that war could harm their interests.

In recent years they are hampered by the fact that their targets have learned how to box them in, making it hard for them to create trouble by their old methods. But as they start to realize that they are really losing control, they are starting to get frantic. They are starting to see the way out of their dilemma, if they cannot get full control of the planet, as being to achieve tighter control of a sufficient part of it.

This is what they are starting to talk about among themselves; sealing off Russia, China and friends within the Eurasian landmass. Then they will rule an “oceanic world” and continue their eugenic and Malthusian agenda there.

An important thing to understand about these people is that they do not see manufacturing as of central importance and so do not think they need a large population. Of course their aims would require them to totally defeat the industrial capitalists within their zone of control.

I believe I have now said enough to be able to draw the shape of a new world war. I may be erring on the good side or the bad side. We must hope I err on the good side; that the Global elite just gives up and goes under cover. The bad side is that they decide to, and succeed in, taking us all down with them.

The Ukraine war might be seen as the opening act of the world war. It is fairly certain that a general war is coming. The globalists can only provoke through proxies for so long; at some point they will try to do something which will lead to the nuclear demonstration described above. This will lead to the collapse of the globalist empire and that will be the first stage of the world war.

Of course it is not going to be much of a world war, despite the nuclear danger. The west does not have the capacity to wage one. It will be a world war two and a half.

At the start of the second stage, the USA and European Union will come under the rule of a junta of military and industrial leaders, and civil bureaucrats. The Global Financialists and their infrastructure, the money system, media machine, intelligence services, and armies of agents and influencers, will be at best severely limited.

The Pentagon will try to negotiate. However, Russia and China will understand that they must insist that the global garrison be sent home. The Pentagon likely cannot conceive of this. These people are deeply committed to the idea that they are the world’s policemen and the only alternative to chaos. Soon a break will come between the USA and EU military, industrial, civil administrator juntas.

The reality is that many people in the European establishment have had the idea for some time that Europe needs to break away from the USA as well as scrap the Brussels bureaucracy and try something new.  The fact is that Europe would best prosper if it formed a military and economic alliance with Russia. The fear of such a development among Globalists has always driven the old Russophobia.

Two big problems hang over this development. The first is to get the Americans to close their bases and leave Europe. Europeans with brains remember that it was discovered during the cold war that Uncle Sam planned to Nuke Western Europe if it looked like they were going to fall to the Soviets.

Europe would have to trust the Russian nuclear umbrella and make a quick jump to it, away from the American storm cloud. The next problem will be the east European nations close to Russia who have a deep cultural hangup about the Russians. They will have to be forced to get real.

These developments will likely require some use of military force. But afterward, the union from Lisbon to Vladivostok, which should have happened long ago, may become reality. Western Europe will begin to recover from its many traumas of the past century.

The third step in this wobbly world war will start once the USA has ‘lost’ Europe and thus control of the North Atlantic. It will have already started trying to secure Africa and Latin America by direct military means. It will encounter strong resistance.

The block of well armed countries around the Caribbean should be able to hold out until the Russian cavalry arrive, probably along with their new European allies. The USA will at that point be unable to supply its forces in Africa and will have to pull out.

While all this is going on, interesting things will be happening in East Asia. China has the naval power to drive the US Navy out of the first ring of islands off East Asia. It could also blockade Japan, which depends totally on sea trade.

The USA could stop Chinese trade across the Pacific and into the Indian ocean, with severe effects on China’s economy. But China could stop all US trade with East Asia, with much more severe effects for the American economy. They can manufacture little anymore, and instead buy from China or other East Asian lands.

At the conclusion of this third stage Uncle Sam will be totally defeated. US power will have mostly retreated to the North American continent and some isolated outposts. The Americans will be starving and the troops will be getting unreliable.

The American junta will be unable to reverse the situation and will begin discussing surrender terms with Russia and China. The two winners will then have a problem. They must insist that all weapons of mass destruction be moved out of North America before much of it dissolves into tribal war and all this stuff falls into the hands of ‘dead ender’ type lunatics.

To do this they will have to find enough troops, and a way to move them over an ocean in order to occupy North America. Russian and Chinese occupation troops, plus European and Latin American allies, will likely have to do some fighting with rogue military and paramilitary forces in the territory of the United States. An occupational government under international supervision would have to deal with the huge problems of stabilizing and reconstructing a defeated USA.

This fourth and finally stage of the world war could be the most dangerous and difficult. In the USA, much of the population is wrapped up in totally irrational ‘antigovernment’ ideologies. They will have to be taught civilization, which they have never really caught on to.

There is my ‘future history’ of world war two and a half. All in all, I do not think it will cost as many lives, or see so much destruction, as the previous two. The USA will be the main perpetrator, but does not have the ability to sustain a major war effort and will collapse quickly and utterly.

There are plenty of aspects to this to consider. I will go into some of them in more detail in future blogs. The biggest concern would be if the Globalist oligarchy decides to start an all out nuclear war.

This assumes they could get full control of the American arsenal. Alternatively, they could find some way of tricking the nuclear powers into an exchange. Remember that these are people who think reducing the world’s population by ninety percent would be a good idea.

They may believe they could sit out a nuclear winter in their swanky shelters or south seas islands. However, the ruling groups of the other nuclear powers would be able to survive as well. Those who survived will not look kindly on those who started this and would retain some means of hunting them down.

Another question is, how would Canada be effected by all this? I live in Canada. People here tend to think we are insulated from the rest of the world and are disinterested in what happens abroad.

This is a fool’s paradise. We are greatly dependent on international trade. We import much of our food and most of our consumer goods, and export resources to pay for it.

We are a northern nation, and a nuclear winter, even a relatively mild one, would hit us very hard. Even if that fails to eventuate, a breakdown of the economy and government in the USA would spill over into Canada. Because of the stupid “hold the bully’s coat” foreign policy of Canada, the allies in the wobbly world war may not distinguish us from the USA.

Under the scenario I have created above, an occupation and reconstruction of North America would include us. Just as with the USA, we have totally unworkable institutions which cannot be reformed. We have our local branch of the globalist elite.

Yet another interesting side show to this scenario would be Israel. Israel depends totally on the USA and when it collapses, Israel collapses. The Israeli nuclear arsenal will not do them much good.

Observers of matters Israeli talk about a ‘Masada’ complex or a ‘Sampson’ complex, coming from the traumatic history of Jewish people. Perhaps the collapse of their delusion of being able to live in a separate world will cause them to climb up a mountain and kill themselves. Or they might decide, as the Afrikaners of South Africa finally did, to live in the real world with other people and have a future.

To conclude, I am not here delivering a ‘worst case scenario’. This has been more like a ‘worst of the best cases’ scenario. The worse, worser and worst scenarios involve serious nuclear exchanges. Much depends on the exact effects on the atmosphere; the ozone layer, soot in the stratosphere, and so on.

The best thing would be to not have the war at all. The optimists among the war watchers on the net are cheering Russia and China for not responding to provocations from the Globalists; the ‘Westies’. They are sure that all the ‘Easties’ have to do is hold tight for a few years and the USA will collapse on its own.

For anyone who has studied the history of the western oligarchy, or know something about Narcissistic behavior, it is unlikely that they will go down without trying to take everything with them. What Russia and China must do is delay the climax as long as possible. But we will be very lucky if we can avoid some sort of demonstrations of the kind described above.

Even if we escape all the other stages of a wobbly world war, I do not think we will avoid stage four. Even if the USA and the EU collapse on their own, this will create a very dangerous power vacuum which Russia and China will have no choice but to fill.

Europe’s problems will be simple compared with those of North America. They just need to get rid of the Euro currency and the European Union. Then, try a united Europe again, this time building from the bottom up, not the top down.

I think all this will have played itself out before the end of the decade. If we survive, I think we are looking at a golden age for the next one or two generations at least. That was the sequel to the most recent world war.

Here is an interesting link about the possible consequences of a nuclear war.

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