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Conflicting Theories about Covid.

Some Hold up and Some do Not.

In the course of trying to find and blog sense and reality about covid, I get into some baffling social media exchanges. It seems that all the libertarian people are convinced that the Globalists are trying to kill them using covid. Yet they come up with conflicting theories about how this is being accomplished.
We are now getting more hard information on covid; its real origin and long term consequences. The information is really not getting to the public in western countries. This is much of the problem with these ‘libertariatard’ folks.
Were they better informed, they would still need to be willing and capable to think covid matters through, and to drop nonviable theories about it. I blogged recently about Covid and Occam’s razor, and the need for abductive thinking. That is, collecting enough evidence and finding the explanation which best fits.
In that piece I concluded that the probability is very strong that covid was deliberately engineered in a lab. However, the idea that it was created in the lab in Wuhan, China, under direction of the American Center for Disease Control, is a red herring. There is one country which is well known to have a really big biowar project.
I also find the evidence very strong that there is a very well organized global effort to spread not just covid, but infectious diseases generally. I find the evidence to be really feeble that the vaccines themselves are being used to create illnesses. I will here carry my reasoning forward from the above cited blog piece, for the benefit of adherents to both of these ideas.
I know almost nothing about biology. However, I have read and cited accounts from people who do, and who find it improbable that these “Furan Breaks” in the covid genome could have happened naturally. Someone ‘spliced in’ new gene sequences.
The covid virus seems perfectly engineered to attack the world. Its destructive effects build up slowly. Initially, it could kill a lot of people, especially front line health workers, or people who could not shield themselves adequately.
However, it did not seem severe enough to many people, to justify the extreme measures needed to eradicate it, or even the need to do so. People who did not know what they were talking about were allowed to talk, and convince most of us of the false idea that viruses always go away of become ‘milder’ on their own. People who did know what they were talking about were talked down.
It could not be communicated over the highly organized and massively funded misinformation campaigns, that there is such a thing in epidemiology, as in many other disciplines, as the “precautionary principle”. That is, you start out assuming the worst about something until you have enough knowledge to eliminate that worst case. Human kind will have bitter decades to come in which to relearn the wisdom of the precautionary principle.
The “herd immunity” idea was also ridiculous. Populations of living organisms often do not develop an immunity to a virus. Viruses often get worse over time.
The human ‘herd’ has never developed any immunity to influenza. The flu has never gotten any milder. Certain diseases related to covid have infected livestock for decades and have become worse over time; fully effective vaccines for them have never been developed.
Worse, many diseases attack the immune system, leaving it weakened for a subsequent infection by that disease, or by other diseases. Measles is well known for this and so is the AIDS virus. It has been known for some time that covid is like this too.
Further, covid has long term consequences for those infected, which are random in their effects. A certain percentage of those who get covid develop the condition which no one wants to talk about, or give a proper name to. It is being called ‘long covid’.
It seems to be nearly a taboo subject that the odds of developing the long covid condition increases each time you are infected. It gets worse when you keep getting infected. The symptoms include organ damage, including to the brain, and chronic exhaustion.
Covid deaths themselves are increasing year over year. But it is ‘long covid’ which is leading to the labor shortages and the run on the public health system. It is becoming obvious that it will eventually lead to economic collapse.
There is also the problem of blood clots developing in people who seem to have recovered from covid. Fit young people are dropping dead of heart attacks and strokes. It is often posed as a mystery, or blamed on vaccines.
Covid has attacked the world gradually. It did not seem so dire at first, but it keeps building up its destructive force. But it could not be so damaging without human help.
Another fact which seems to be erased from consciousness in the western media bubble, is that covid really is largely under control and ‘over’ in most of the world. There are simple measures, which even poor countries can employ, which can reduce covid to a minimum and even eradicate it.
They are; mask mandates, air quality standards, and quarantine of cases with full pay. It is interesting that these are just the things which drive the libertarian loudmouth minority out of their minds. They also dislike vaccines, but vaccines are proving not to be the most powerful tools for eradicating covid.
In many poor countries in Africa, few people are vaccinated due to the cost, the hoarding of stocks by wealthier countries, and the justified suspicion of vaccines. Yet these countries have very little covid anymore. This is because they stopped listening to the World Health Organization, recognized covid as an airborne disease, and conveyed the right information to their populations.
Africa and most of Asia have now defeated covid. Latin America is gradually getting there as well. Covid continues to rage only in the ten percent of the world still under what is called “The West” or the “Globalist Hegemony.” That is, North America, Europe, Australia, and some countries off of Northeastern Asia.
The cautious Chinese government has examined the experiences of other countries. It is now abandoning the strict lock down measures, now shown to be unnecessary. But they were wise to use them until enough information was available about covid.
All that is needed to handle covid is government which gives out correct information, and which does not allow malevolent forces to conduct campaigns of disinformation and “threat perception adjustment”. As well, government willing to stand up to attempts to disrupt sensible means of transmission prevention; masks, air quality, quarantine with pay, and yes, vaccines. Usually, it is not even necessary to mandate these things; for example Mexico, where there is no mask mandate but everybody just wears them.
The lesson here is that, while covid was created to attack humanity, it can only work if effective countermeasures are botched by governmental authorities, or nullified by powerful private interests.
That the global elite is using covid to reduce the world’s population, and to slow economic growth, has also become obvious. There is nothing theoretical about this conspiracy. We know who these people are and we know their history.
We could go back two centuries to old Malthus ranting about how measures to prevent ‘plague’ are causing an increase in the undesirable populations. In recent times billionaires and people paid by them have spoken openly about the need to reduce the population. One in particular, who owns vaccine companies and helps fund the World Health Organization, talks about reducing the population by a billion.
This billionaire and his companies were forced out of Africa when it was proved in several courts that vaccines produced for a good purpose were being laced by distributors he controlled, with infertility drugs. However, it seems likely that he and others of his mentality learned their lesson from that. With covid, they seem to be testing out ways of waging biologic war on a billion of the earth’s population, which better covers their tracks.
So far, they seem to have found mixed results. They have generally failed outside of the areas over which the western, Atlanticist oligarchies have tight control. Their biggest success has been in the Atlanticist home base of the United States.
This has been largely due to the powerful subculture in the USA of individualism and anti government paranoia, which they have successfully tapped into and weaponized. It gets even better when these fools think they are actually fighting against the globalists. However, discussion of the geopolitics of globalism is for another blog post.
The lesson is that to successfully conduct a biowar on a population, it is not enough to simply unleash a terrible engineered pathogen on them. If the pathogen acts quickly and severely, the target countries will usually react quickly to control it. But if it builds its effects more slowly, people may not react soon enough.
The reaction against the virus must be thwarted; the public health system shut down. Thus the pattern has been very similar all over the world. Front line health care workers are strongly attacked, especially by refusing to allow them the correct protective equipment.
Another thing they have learned, and applied rigorously wherever they can get away with it, has been to frustrate mitigations in elementary schools. Children are the best carriers of viruses. They bring it home to their parents and their parents bring it to their jobs.
So, I support the theory that covid was designed, and is being deliberately spread. I believe the motive is less about restricting the population that in ending economic growth, another big aim of the globalists. The reasons for that are also the subject of a future blog.
However, the idea that the vaccines against covid are part of the conspiracy are nonsense. The attempt to discourage vaccination is part of the conspiracy, just like resistance to Masks and quarantine. To repeat, people who think they are fighting the globalists are doing their work for them.
The line the antivaxers are running now is that it is the vaccines which are causing the disease and its manifestations, like long covid and ‘sudden death’. The people running this show are capable of making up any kind of factoid to support it. Many sad people fervently believe this nonsense.
However, it is impossible for the conspirators to shut down all contrary information. There are independent researchers in universities and government health services who are able to study the evolution of the virus and the effectiveness of countermeasures. Vaccines have been effective where they have been used.
Vaccines were never intended to be the sole solution for covid. They can even be dispensed with if other measures are used rigorously. As with antibiotics, when vaccines are not used right, and other mitigation methods not used along with them, they lose their effectiveness.
The latest hot trope of the antivax crowd is that more vaccinated people, than unvaccinated, are now getting long covid, or being effected more severely by other diseases, or dying suddenly. There are many more vaccinated than unvaccinated people, vaccinated people may not have been keeping up with the boosters, and the vaccine makers never promised that the jab would be ‘sterilizing’, meaning one hundred percent effective. There is much we do not know about covid and about these news types of vaccines.
The best recent example of antivax propaganda is the film “Died Suddenly”. Here is the debunk from McGill university. You might find the original still on the net.
The object of the film is to have people believe that people are dropping dead from blood clots which are actually caused by the covid vaccine injections. There is an old saying that statistics do not lie but liars can use statistics. Competent and credible people have used statistics to demonstrate the falsity of this claim.
The proof is both too simple and too complex for an article on the non scientific internet. But you do not need a course in statistics to get the point; people started dropping from blood clots in unusual numbers before the covid vaccines were in use. As well, it is people who have had covid who are dying more, with or without vaccination, and there is no observed upward trend among people who have had the vaccine but not covid.
It is implausible to me that the Globalist billionaire classes would be trying to use vaccines to kill off much of the population. Experience shows it would be very hard for them to get away with it. To repeat, introducing an engineered virus and sabotaging the response to it, is a smarter approach from their perspective.
The more noted Malthusian billionaires do not seem to have control of the vaccines being used. The exception is the Astra Zenica jab, which was developed by Oxford university, but which was thugged into handing it over to our favorite billionaire. AZ may be causing some clotting, which is thought to be due to a flawed filtering process during its manufacture.
The problem does not occur in other Vaxxes of the same type, such as the Russian “Sputnik V”, which uses a better filtering system. Vaccines of other types are also notable for having very few harmful effects. A criticism of the mRNA type vaxxes is that they are not given in large enough doses to maximize the immunizing effect.
Thus, I support these who theorize that covid is a deliberate effort at population control by the globalists. It is also about economic control. I do not support the idea that covid is a hoax or that the vaccines themselves are a plan to poison the population.
No doubt the Globalists are pleased that they have their opponents helping them with their aim of obstructing anti pandemic measures. This is especially so when their enemies, the more nationally based industrial capitalists, are helping out. These types of cone heads will enforce “get back to work” and “no money for nothing” and “no rollback of austerity”, thus accelerating their own destruction.
The role of industrial capitalists in propagating disease is a topic which needs its own blog post.
The bigger point here is that covid is more of a political than a public health problem. It should be possible to bring it under control. Covid has been defeated in those countries where the political forces which will prefer it to keep ravaging the population have been defeated.
The places where these forces remain powerful are the places where covid remains powerful. From this, it is clear what is going to end the pandemic in Canada as well as the USA.

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