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The Ukronazis must be stopped.

They should never have been allowed to get this far

The Ukraine war is the world’s biggest news story and will be until it ends. Yes, there are other vicious wars going on, against Palestine, Yemen, Ethiopia, and so on. Most of them are either blanked out in the western media, or are absurdly misreported.
But the Ukraine war is the big one. It is between the two biggest nuclear powers on earth and it is for all the marbles. This is the one conflict going on right now which could seriously lead to a nuclear war.
I have written enough about the Ukraine war, mostly seeking to correct the reverse image of the war presented by the Atlanticist propaganda machine. I have refuted the ridiculous idea that Putin just woke up one morning and decided to invade Ukraine to reestablish the Soviet Union. Or, that Russia is now actually losing the war.
These ideas are now starting to fail. Reality is seeping in. There is even some talk of negotiating an end to the war.
The fallback in the propaganda war on Russia is the trope that, yes, maybe Ukraine did some bad things, but it still does not ‘justify’ the ‘illegal’ ‘invasion’ of Ukraine by ‘Putin’. It is very hard to discuss these tropes without extensive use of quotation marks. That is typical of ‘liberal’ justifications.
Genuine fighters for the oppressed, for example the black activists, have insight into this kind of trope. Victims are not allowed to be ‘uncivil’ or even ‘violent’ in responding to attacks on them. Of course, it is only the perceived inferior or ‘outside the boundaries’ people who have to be civil and and peaceful while they patiently submit to the abuses laid on them.
It is not for some conceited ‘liberal’ twit in Canada to make moral pronouncements on what the Russians should do in the face of this aggression against them. It is their fight. We are not there.
However, the outcome of the conflict will greatly effect the entire world. Anyone who understands what is at stake is a supporter of Russia. The Russians had no choice but to go on the attack and they know that they cannot lose.
The conflict is as stark a contest between good and evil as could be imagined. This is clear to anyone with any moral character, a concept of objective reality, and the time to work through the misinformation attempts. Unfortunately such people are in short supply in the world, and especially so in western countries.

Yet it is not hard to work out what is going on. The internet makes it almost impossible for governments to conceal information. However, modern propaganda does not work merely through blasting out false information and blocking out right information.
Propaganda and cognitive control really works by fear, the impulse to conformity, and the desire for belonging or group identity. Much of the population in western countries is made utterly impervious to facts by these conditions. You can find these tendencies all over the world but the people of western countries are the most intensely controlled.
If you live in a western country, it is fairly easy to get to the truth about global conflict. It is just very hard to do anything about it. When you speak up about the false realities being created all around you, you are ignored and blanked out.
If you start to be somewhat effective at getting through, you start to get some trouble. The secret police do not come kicking your door in. People may try to get your Twitter account suspended.
Sometimes truth sayers are ‘doxed’; their personal information published over the net. Then they may be publicly harassed. But the worst thing is becoming avoided by people who do not want to know, because knowing, and knowing you, might direct trouble to them. 
So, if you are living in a western country, there is not much to do right now about the evil going on. In some countries where the consequences of the western oligarchies aggression are already starting to bite home, you can join the riots and demos, but that will change nothing by itself. The iron rule of oligarchy is still too strong in the heartland of evil.

The change is coming from the outside world. That is the best way for someone living in the core western countries to describe the eighty percent of the world which has now started to move rapidly away from western hegemony. Russia and China are leading this movement.
This is what the fight has been about; the west losing power. It has already lost the fight, but the western oligarchy is incapable of believing that. They have become so disconnected from reality that they believe they are invincible and eternal, and can make real whatever they can imagine.
This is why we are now at the moment of most extreme danger of a nuclear war and what follows from it. If that is to come it will almost certainly be in the next two years. After that the Atlanticist power will have collapsed and the nuclear danger will be sharply reduced.
There is debate about whether we could have avoided this situation. This debate occurs in forums where people who have their heads outside the ideological bubbles, who are tracking the reality of the situation, come together. A major bone of contention is whether the Russians made a huge blunder by not going into Ukraine back in 2014.
This is an impossible question to resolve. On the one hand, Russia and China were not as ready to take on the Atlanticist power then, as they are now. They would still likely have won, but it would have been much harder and more destructive, the outcome less certain, that it is now.
On the other hand, Russia declining the fight over Ukraine until this year encouraged the Atlanticist aggression. This is one of the main problems in dealing with aggressive sociopathy, whether in an individual or an entire oligarchic confederacy. If you attempt to delay the conflict or back away from it, this will be interpreted as weakness and lead to further aggression.
When a stand or counterattack is made, the sociopathic aggressor will be unable to recognize it, or to back away. The decisive confrontation is thus more violent and destructive than it would otherwise have been. But often there is no choice but to delay, to fully prepare forces and to make clear to observers that the fight really is necessary.

Thus it has been for the Russians in the Ukraine conflict. But the fight is on now. The Russians know what they are in for if they fail and the world is now largely sympathetic.
It has become a cliche that invaders from Napoleon to Hitler have underestimated Russia and have been crushed when its full power was brought forth. But that is the truth of the matter here. The NATO countries cannot generate forces able to prevent Russian victory.
Russia cannot settle for anything less than victory. That means the end of the neoNazi state in Ukraine and its replacement with an authentically democratic government. This will not be achieved through negotiation, although the Russians must always offer negotiation.
Their opponent is simply incapable of negotiation. The Ukraine coup regime has itself no agency or autonomy. Everything in that country is run by western intelligence services through the neoNazi militia groups.
It is a cliche of the war that the western powers are preparing to fight to the last Ukrainian. Their strategy is to exhaust Russia, but it is not working. They will exhaust themselves long before Russia starts to feel any real strain.
There is no way that the Atlanticists will be able to negotiate anything. They have bet everything on this as the way to stave off bankruptcy and reestablish their hegemony. If they lose they are done, and they will lose.
The big question is what their final play will be. This is the nuclear war hazard staring at us. These people may try to win a nuclear bluff or blackmail.
Everything we know about the Russian mindset, its leadership group, and its weapon systems shows us that they will not back away from a nuclear confrontation. The Russians have committed to a ‘no first use’ of nuclear weapons. The Americans are secretive about their protocols on nuclear weapons, but the way their forces are organized shows a willingness to use such weapons first if their conventional forces are failing.
This is why it is so important that Russian and American forces do not come into direct contact. However, Russia cannot and will not withdraw from Ukraine just because American troops are there. The situation has been engineered by the west so that Russia has no option but to go in and remove the Ukronazi regime.

The entire point of the west’s nurturing neoNazi groups in Ukraine from the time its independence, and backing their 2014 coup, has been to create a platform from which to attack Russia. Since 2014 the education system in Ukraine has indoctrinated a generation of Galician speaking Ukrainian children in an updated version of the old Banderist ideology. This includes a glorification of war, belief in an ethnically pure state, and a genocidal hatred of anything Russian.
There are divergent narratives about the origins of this ideology, but it developed between the world wars in the part of Galician Ukraine ruled by Poland. The Nazis found these people very useful during their occupation of parts of the old Soviet Union. As the Soviet Red Army drove the Nazis out, many of these people fled with them.
This ‘Ukrainian’, really Galician, diaspora settled in many countries after the war, with a very large group going to Canada. They are noted for not integrating well into the societies where they have settled, and for having a corrupting influence. However, many national elites, including in Canada, have found them useful in suppressing left organizations.
They were a resource for reestablishing the Banderist mentality in Ukraine after the end of the Soviet Union. Third generation UkroNazis are embedded in Canada’s government, influencing it toward supporting the neoNazi regime in Ukraine. The Banderist version of Naziism turns Ukraine into an ideal weapon against Russia.
The Russians are a degenerate race, corrupted by Jewish and Mongol blood. They should be exterminated or deported to make room on the fertile Steppe lands for the healthy and pure Ukrainians. This comports with the German Nazi ideas, expressed by Hitler in “Mein Kampf”.
This was what Hitler was trying to do when he invaded the Soviet Union, causing incredible destruction and loss of life. The Russians have strong cultural memories of these events. They take the Atlanticists, and their Ukronazi attack dogs, rhetoric and behavior very seriously.
The western, Atlanticist oligarchy has always hated Russia because it has never been able to control it. Now they have run their country’s economies into the ground and they cannot fund an adequate army. Their publics will not support a war with Russia. 
However, they see a fight with Russia as the only way out of their dilemma. They believe they can defeat Russia by using Ukraine and other ‘borderland’ countries to wear Russia down with endless proxy wars. This strategy has already backfired badly on them but they do not know anything else to do.

It is becoming clear that the leaders of the Atlanticist hegemony are no longer able to think rationally. To negotiate with Russia would be to admit they have lost, and to hasten their final collapse. The risk of the west resorting to nuclear of biological weapons is increasing.
Thus, the only way to reduce the harm to civilian populations, and the risk of a nuclear or biological war, is for Russia to end the conflict quickly. The Russians are now doing this. It is likely they will have to occupy the entire Ukraine.
The Russian speaking provinces will eagerly enter the Russian federation. The Galician areas may be a problem for several years. The Ukronazi fanatics will have to be separated from the civilian population, and imprisoned or eliminated.
Thus, the Ukronazis must be eliminated and they are being eliminated in Ukraine. It is a tragedy that they could not have been stopped sooner. But as well, the Atlantic hegemony which raised them up like a Frankenstein will soon be gone.
Another tragedy is that many Ukronazis will escape the Russians and resettle in western lands. They will add fresh blood to the older Banderist groups in Canada. They will be available as a resource for any right wing groups seeking to reestablish oligarchic rule.
Finally, sanctimonious hypocrites in the western lands will huff for awhile longer about Russia’s ‘unjustified’ and ‘illegal’ ‘invasion’ of Ukraine. There is no use in arguing with them on those points. Soon enough, the Russian operation will be complete, Ukraine will be healing, western economies will be collapsing, and these people will be focused on coping with this collapse.
This is assuming we have not all gone up in a nuclear, or perhaps biological, apocalypse.

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