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My blogging is an avocation. I am not trying to make money at it. I am a very good writer with a few things to say. I am attracting a few readers. Go ahead, subscribe.

First post on the new site

I have decided to launch it.

It isn’t completely ready, but it is usable. I just moved the subscriber list over. Find it at

I will not be posting anything further to this old site. However, I will keep it up for awhile because people are still looking through my old stuff.

I have also looked through the old stuff. The best of it I have sorted in categories and moved over.

However, one of the problems with the new site is that the archive buttons are still not working. One of these days the WordPress gnomes will move themselves to get that problem fixed.

The whole process of getting a new site and moving it over has taken far longer, been far more complicated, than I had expected. I am really pretty sick of WordPress. If I had it to do over again, I would likely have found a better blog platform.

The new site is at least an improvement over the old one. I got soft colored pages which are easier on the eyes. I shrunk the images down a bit.

However, I discovered that if I want anything really good, I have to spend thousands for someone to do it for me. If I spend a few hundred to get the WordPress shmooks to do one for me, what I can get is pretty limited.

I do not think even the full time designers are all that good at their jobs. I was not impressed by the ones I talked to. I understand now why most blogs look like such shit.

But here it is. I have one at Substack as well. Find it at

More people go to that when I initially post something. However, a lot of people look through my older stuff on WordPress. I will keep the older WordPress up for a little while.

I want to have a least two sites for all my stuff, just in case something gets taken down. Some of my stuff is fairly controversial and I will be writing even more controversial stuff. WordPress will stay as my main archive for old material, something Substack is not much good for.

So eventually I will have a half decent site at WordPress. In future better options may be available. For now I will continue trying to crack through the shadow banning and get more readers and subscribers, both sites.

Keep reading.

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