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Ukraine War Day #367: Why Russia Fights, Part II

I think this one is worth a reblog. Adds in very well to what I have written about the Donbas revolt.

Awful Avalanche

Dear Readers:

Continuing (and concluding) my review of this piece by reporter Dmitry Steshin. Where we left off: We saw that the collective West has manipulated the Ukrainian people into joining the Maidan Revolution. Using their patented social engineering technologies of Color Revolutions. Even Centrist-voting, Russian-speakers of Kiev were suckered into joining forces with the most naked of the Galician fascists and aging Banderites of the Western provinces.

Aging Banderite veterans arrive in Kiev, are greeted like heroes.

In this regard, one always needs to remember that the vast majority of Ukrainians descended from men and women who fought on the correct side of the Great Patriotic War, namely the Soviet Red Army side. Only a small minority of Ukrainians actually fought for the Nazis/Banderites. And yet that side has captivated the current generation, has convinced them that the Great Victory was actually a Defeat. Flipping everything on its head…

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