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The Vexations of Antivax Nation

What is the interest in undermining public health?

I have just been very disappointed to get a twitter tweet from someone I have been following, referring me to an article claiming “game over!” about covid vaccinations. I am not going to give an URL to this article or name the author. I see no reason to give this any publicity or traffic.

I will not name the twitterer either, but this blog post is dedicated to him. I hope he takes my advice to rethink any ideas he has about the need for covid vaccines. If he again contaminates my twitter feed with this sort of crap, I will do the ‘unfollow and block’ routine.

I am starting to have to do this routine more frequently now, as public discourse gets ever crazier. It is disappointing that so few people have true critical thinking capabilities. So many people who are good on one topic go shit stupid on others, especially the most ridiculous ones which depend totally on emotional manipulation or intimidation.

I would have thought that an avowed ‘Marxist socialist’ would be the most immunized against public health misinformation. It is all coming from the same oligarchic capitalists who could care less if there is a highly dangerous disease circulating, which needs to be brought under control. They do not want public health systems they have spent so much money and energy breaking down to start being built back up again.

A lot of these creeps subscribe to eugenics ideas. They assume they know better than anyone else, including people with qualifications in health related disciplines. Infectious diseases should just be let rip, to cull the weaklings, kill off the elderly, disabled, and all other useless eaters.

I am just the kind of person these freaks really hate. I have been disabled all my life. I have never done much in my life to create any surplus value for anyone.

I have, basically, sucked up money which should have gone to somebody’s offshore account. First I collected ‘welfare’ then ‘disability’ and now I am ‘retired’ and on an old age pension. It is just terrible that I have been kept alive by all this ‘socialism’.

A pandemic would be a great way to kill me off. But I am so hard to get at these days. I do not have to go anywhere covid is hanging around.

I am too fit yet to be sent to a ‘care home’, the second best way to kill off a lot of useless eaters. I am in Canada where we still have socialized medicine. The scum are working hard to destroy it here, as everywhere else in the western world, but it will take them awhile.

I am not only ‘socialist’ but often even ‘Marxist.’ So I am distressed to have a fellow Marxist Socialist whose twitterings I have until now enjoyed, start talking Brownstone shit. Or maybe he is not as Marxist Socialist as he seems to be, or maybe thinks he is.

Brownstone institute is, by the way, the main operation funded by various billionaires to attack public health, and particularly efforts to curb the pandemic. They are behind pretty much all of the fake studies and exposes which try to show that all covid treatments are useless or harmful. Except, of course, the ones which really are useless or harmful; they like those ones.

I am much more primed than most people to be skeptical of medical treatments being offered me. I have discovered in my long career as health care over user that a lot of doctors have subliminally Nazi eugenic type mentalities. I have escaped from a couple who really seemed to be trying to kill me.

I have looked into the vaccines topic thoroughly. I am aware of plenty of problems with them. They are not as safe or effective as they could be.

Most of the problem with them comes from their being in private, profiteering hands. There is no reason for this. Almost all these vaccines, their different types, were developed with public money in public research labs.

Somehow, private companies are able to seize the patents and hold the public hostage for them. They can charge ten or even a hundred times what these products cost to produce. They do not even do a good job of producing them; much of the hazard in these vaccines is just sloppiness and negligent quality control in their production.

And there are indeed hazards to them. I had a somewhat disturbing reaction to the last jab I had. In previous pokes, I had redness and swelling at the sight, a slight fever, and that was it. This time, I had a rapid heart rate, dizziness, and imbalance for a week after, but I felt fine after.

However, I will be getting the mRNA shot again as soon as I can. These are the types of vaxes the antivaxers hate the most, probably because they have been the safest and most effective. But they are going to alter my DNA and make weird life forms grow in my veins after I die from them; eek!

The risks of vaccination, as with any kind of medical treatment, are weighed against the risk of not getting them. The advantages of getting the shots, in reduced cases, reduced hospitalization and death, and reduced Post Covid Syndrome (PCS), are very clear from real stats, real studies, from real people. It is also becoming clear that the real issue with covid is PCS, or “long covid”.

I am not here going to into how much damage PCS is going to cause to society and economy. It could take generations to recover from, all because weak government cannot stand up to the right wing fanatics behind Great Barrington and Brownstone. A small number of fanatics are able to destroy society due to their access to huge resources, fanatic zeal, and skill at disinformation or as it used to be called, lying.

I wonder if these people will ever be properly punished for their crimes. Perhaps, if we get real ‘Marxist, socialist’ government in power in western nations. I am not going to do future predictions here.

All we can do for now is survive all the economic turmoil, try not to get covid and other diseases, and wait for this age of calamitous transformation to pass. We can also refine our abilities to practice skeptical analysis. Old Marx was pretty good at that; I am sure he would not have bought into the BS the Brownstones are putting out.

He would have done a quick background check on the person who published this “game over!” article. That title is as despicable as the ‘science is settled” routine of the ‘climate’ creeps. Come to thing of it, those people are funded by the same neoMalthusian weirdos with interests in the Vaccine business, and also in spreading disease.

This person is a ‘horse paster’. He has some scientific credentials which give him some credibility. By accounts of many people who have dealt with him, he is a very good con artist. In person he can talk in circles for hours, wearing people down.

He has learned to make millions of dollars peddling false cures over the net. No doubt money is finding its way into his accounts from Brownstone and similar outfits, to discredit legitimate medicine. It is a good bet that he has never attempted any of the treatments he has recommended to others, and that he has made sure these killer vaccines have found their way up his own arm.

I am not scientifically trained and my knowledge of statistical methods is limited. I will leave it to people with letters after their name to deliver an academic refutation of all this antivax disinformation, for what good that does. However, I think I have a good idea of how this writer is misusing statistics.

He claims to have gotten hold of some data from American Medicare, which cares for the elderly in The States. This shows the death rates among those elderly in Connecticut who have, and who have not, been vaccinated. He makes much of this information being kept secret.

There are several reasons, good and bad, for keeping this kind of data under wraps. Vaccine manufacturers may not want their products compared with other vaccines. The data may show some negligence in their production of the vaccines.

However, the antivax crowd will seize on anything to hold up as evidence that the vaccines, not the virus, are causing excess deaths. It is distressing that public health authorities act so cowardly. What is needed is for the disinformation agents to be aggressively challenged, and prosecutions demanded.

The distortion trick being used in these fancy graphs is stupidly simple. You are supposed to forget that you are only seeing the people who died after getting the shots, not the ones who lived after. No one says that taking the covid shot is risk free; some people do have bad effects.

But millions of people were vaccinated in this time frame. Only about 800 in the sample died afterwards. That would be a fatality rate well under a tenth of a percent.

So much for ‘game over’.

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