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Naziism 2.0

There must be no 3.0.

Long ago, when I was in high school, when world war two was not so long ago, I was concerned about Naziism. Not too many people around me shared my concern about them. It was assumed that those ogres were history, would never come around again.

I had read some work by people who were also concerned about the failure to fully eradicate Naziism. They seemed to be gradually reinserting themselves into positions of power. Even then, more than a few people noticed that many of these refugees to Canada at the end of the war had been members of Nazi and Nazi affiliated organizations.

I had a lot of trouble getting people to listen to and understand what I was actually saying. They assumed I was supporting Naziism. Part of my problem was being associated with a mentally inadequate relative who loudly espoused a certain type of Quasi-Nazi ideology.

That was, that the Nazis were only unacceptable because they had challenged the obvious natural and rightful supremacy of the British empire. This was after the British empire had already dissolved. And of course the Nazis had exactly the right ideas about “The Jews”.

These kinds of mentalities are everywhere, in every society. Their dogmas may look superficially different, but the basic pattern is always there. This gives any society’s creeps and defectives a self justification, or a way to feel better about themselves, something to belong to.

This will remain subsurface and powerless until a Sauron calls it up and weaponizes it. There are always plenty of Saurons in the world. That is, the wealthy and powerful who want to remain so and become more so.

A stable and prosperous order does not suit Saurons. It does not suit the underworld of defective personalities who are incapable of benefitting from one. They work hard at creating the conditions under which they can increase their power and make their craziness right. That is, unstable and insecure conditions in which society and government are not able to function properly.

The last times we had these conditions were the 1930s, when various Nazi or “Fascist” groups came to power. When I was young it was widely assumed that such times were gone forever. Even then, I was not so sure.


Note that I prefer the term ‘Nazi’ to ‘Fascist’. The terms are almost interchangeable to most people. The original Fascists in Italy were not nearly as vicious as the original Nazis of Germany.

I use Fascist to refer to the overlying political philosophy, that the good of the individual is secondary to the good of the state, which of course really means, of the oligarchy which owns the state. I use Naziism to refer to the techniques for recruiting, motivating, and controlling organized thugs to carry out the aims of Fascist networks. Nazi groups, including Hitler’s originals, have a tenancy to turn ‘Frankenstein’ and attack their Fascist creators.

I read a lot about the Nazis, not because I agreed with them but to understand the reasons they were able to take control of a supposedly highly civilized country. I wondered what it would have felt like to be living in a country where Nazis were taking over. I understood even then that it was not that they really convinced many people, but that it became dangerous to contradict them, so people stopped talking against them, and from that stopped thinking.

In this time when I was young, it was not too dangerous to say things which contradicted the dominant narrative. Yet there was not much independent thinking. This was only because people were usually happy with things the way they were.

A lot of time has passed. The times are now frustrating and disturbing, and people are mostly unhappy with it. There is no consensus about anything anymore. Government is no longer able to govern and some sort of crackup is clearly coming.

It is becoming clear that a new Fascist take over is under way in most of the western world, but also in Canada. It is also becoming clear if it will ultimately fail again. However, many things are becoming very like the descriptions of Germany in the dying days of the Weimar republic.


There is one thing very different about the present situation. We now have two different oligarchic groupings using advanced Nazi type methods to attempt the takeover of all western society. It is really the old animosity between financial and industrial capitalism.

The financialists, often called globalists, still seem to be predominant. They like to back both the left and the right. Their aim is always to maintain global domination in order to limit economic growth and population.

They created the Hitlerite Nazis and at the same time many militant fake socialist groups. They are behind the present neoNazi government in Ukraine as well as the ‘woke’ lunatics in the western countries. They are driving this creepy ‘climate’ noise, as though some calamity will occur if we do not dismantle most of our material civilization.

They are being challenged by a more recent network created and funded by and for industrial billionaires. This bunch seems more decentralized but generally has contrary aims to the Globalists. They have some useful points, like ending the fight with Russia and China, and resisting the deindustrialization agenda.

However, they are using Nazi-like methods. They are seeking control over police and the military in many countries, including Canada. They are as contemptuous of humanity as are the Globalists and their aims are as dangerous to it.

It is hard for any outsider to know what the dynamics are between these groups. They may at some time reach an accord. The world does not need either group.

Right now they are both losing worldwide. Most of the world is tired of the Globalists attempts to maintain the world dominance they had during the past century. Russia and China are gaining support.

The great concern is that this could all lead to a world war. It will be hard to defeat these new Fascists decisively. Their base is now in the North American continent and protected by oceans and by nuclear weapons.

Even if they lose world wide, they could consolidate themselves in their core territories in North America, Australia, and Western Europe. This would be very grim for the populations of these areas.

The worst thing would be if there were two Nazi groups fighting with each other in one country. Some commentators have speculated about such a civil war developing in the United States and likely spilling into the other western nations. It is not implausible; during world war two, as the Axis powers were losing, some Nazi groups started fighting each other, most notably the Ukrainian OUN A and OUN B.

Alternatively, these groups could reach an accord. However, this post is not about speculating excessively into the future. The condition now is a rise of more advanced forms of Naziism, refining the methods of the old Nazis, but with the same basic mentality and aims.


The most disturbing thing is that much of what had thought of itself as ‘left’ in western societies is being turned into Nazi-like formations. Some are now street fighting with other Nazi-like groupings. They are harassing and assaulting those who voice skepticism about their deindustrialization agenda, their rewriting of history, and so on.

Many are now putting Ukraine flags on their twitter handles. Some are even going to Ukraine to fight alongside the delightful people with Nazi symbols tattooed all over themselves.

The idea of leftists being reprocessed into Nazis will be a hard thing for many people to grasp. Yet the old German Nazi stormers got many of their recruits from the communist street fighter groups. They actively tried to win them over; the so called “Beefsteak Nazis”, brown outside and red inside.

The basic characteristic of Nazis movements is the inculcation in its members of the beliefs that;

a) There is something special about them.

b) They have some special knowledge about some malign force in the world.

c) They are being persecuted by these malign forces, who are evil and subhuman.

Doctrines of Racism, nationalism, antisemitism, libertarianism, or religious beliefs, may be part of the package of various groups. The level of organization of these groups depends on their use; they may be mere harassment networks, or street thugs, or paramilitary groups, or serious military organizations. These groups are never spontaneous, but are always created as muscle, to enforce the agenda of some oligarchic group.

For even the mere bully gangs, a good deal of time and money is required to develop them. The people who are drawn into them would never be able to create these groups on their own. A leadership cadre of people with some intelligence and education is required.

Thus, if the Oligarchic networks who create them were dissolved, these groups would dissolve back into the gangs of losers they were recruited from. People with this kind of mentality would get no traction in life and would gradually die out. The more intelligent ones, the leaders, would find other occupations if Fascism gave them no opportunities.


During the post war times I was ridiculed for saying there were still Nazis around and many living in Canada. They were in fact here, they were being maintained, because they were useful to capitalist oligarchy. Large numbers of them were brought into Canada after the world war to help suppress left movements.

The more intelligent of these people have had a large and destructive effect on the development of Canada. The deputy prime minister of Canada is the grand daughter of a high ranked Ukrainian Nazi and is proud of it. She has been key to organizing aid to the Ukraine Nazi regime waging a NATO proxy war with Russia.

Many Nazi operatives were also helped to enter the United States using false papers. There they were very useful to the American elite, even training the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Many went to Latin America where they trained the sadistic police forces famous in that part of the world.

Of course, Nazis were soon able to be moved into key positions in post war Germany. Very few Nazis who escaped the Red Army were ever punished.

In Europe many of these Nazis and Nazi collaborators were organized by western Intelligence services into the ‘Gladio’ units. These were presented as an advance preparation for resistance if the Soviet Union overran Europe. In reality, they were used to attack left movements and political parties; covertly during cold war times, more “out and aggressive” since the Maastricht regime.

The greatest success of second and third generation Naziism has been retaking Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Their mentality had been largely eliminated in Ukraine during Soviet times. It was reseeded by descendants of Ukrainian Nazis who had settled in western lands.

They and their western intelligence backers staged a coup in 2004, which failed. They tried again in 2014. The Russian speaking south and east of the country, with long memories of life under Naziism, revolted and created independent states.

Since then the rest of Ukraine has been turned into a Fascist state. Power is enforced by new generation Nazis who have adopted most of the rhetoric and symbolism if the world war two Ukraine Nazis. Any form of political opposition is impossible in Ukraine.

Ukraine is now being destroyed as it is used as a proxy force in the Western Fascist vendetta war on Russia. “Left” groups in the west are now organizing support for outright Nazis, people with Nazi symbols tattooed on themselves, openly talking about genocide against Russian speaking people.

In recent times, western intelligence services have built other Nazi type organizations. Most notable are the “IslamoFascists ”, often called “Al Quaida” or “Taliban” or “ISIS”. They have been used as proxy forces to destroy Libya, and in attempts to destroy Iraq and Syria. Many of these groups have also gone “Frankenstein” on their creators, most notably the Afghan Taliban.


The western Oligarchic networks are now in trouble. The nine tenths of the world outside the core western lands are fed up with their attempts to regain and maintain world domination, and are driving them away. The neoFascists are trying to consolidate their control in these core territories, building up Nazi groupings. However, they are now fighting among themselves.

Eventually, these Fascistic capitalist oligarchies will be defeated. But they were defeated before and survived because there was no concerted effort to disestablish them. Their power was constrained for some time after the world war, but their basic system remained intact and they gradually regained dominance.

Various Nazi-like groups they had created also continued in dormant or clandestine modes. They have been reactivated or legitimized, and new groupings created. These kinds of groups have shown an ability to pass their dogmas and behaviours through generations.

Even in peaceful Canada, we have Nazi style formations being built up. These people are no joke; the danger they represent is not being realized. The most sinister is the campaign by some dark groups to infiltrate right wing extremists into the police and military.

The trucker convoy of last year is not taken seriously enough. They were accumulating money and weapons, and already causing serious economic problems. They do not have much public support but they are clearly backed by the right wing industrial capitalist political networks.

Back when the war with the original fascists was still being waged, some wise thinker asked if a Nazi movement could ever arise in the United States. What he answered applies just as well to Canada. “Yes, but they will call themselves ‘Antifascists.’”

Thus, these fake left “antifascist” or “antifa” groups are also sinister. Many of these people have now been rewired into supporting the Ukraine Nazi regime and threatening real anti war protesters.

Probably the worst Nazi like group in Canada are now the “green” activists. They are enforcing the deindustrialization agenda. Their most notable activity has been to try to stop pipeline projects which are necessary to allowing the country to regain energy independence from the United States.


Nazi ideas exert a very powerful hold on such personalities. This is why it is said that there is no such thing as an ex Nazi. As well, they pass on their acquired ideas, or perhaps even innate characteristics, to the next generation.

Such characters hate conditions of social equity and stability. I recall the ‘no problems’ world of fifty years ago, which such people bitterly resented. They felt persecuted by being unable to act out their destructive tendencies.

The history of the past fifty years seems to me to be the story of these people gradually reestablishing conditions in which their warped personalities can thrive. When Fascism is eventually defeated again, if they are not fully destroyed they will start over once more.

This time around, Fascism and Naziism must be eliminated. Nazi type groups will not be eliminated until Fascism is eliminated. Fascism will not be eliminated until capitalistic oligarchy is.

Merely putting in some reforms to limit oligarchic power and regulate business operations did not work in the long run to prevent resurgent Fascism. These will not work when it is defeated again. The Oligarch’s systems must this time be dismantled, their wealth confiscated, and they must be permanently monitored and prevented from trying to revive their networks.

Nothing else will insure there is no resurgence of Fascism and Naziism. However, this is a process which could take generations. To repeat, Naziism appeals to a certain type of personality which is common in every society.

They are always available to be recruited into a new push for a new pathologic hegemony. Thus people who have been drawn to Nazi type dogmas and relationships must be identified and permanently monitored.

This systematic suppression of Fascist and Nazi tendencies must continue until social evolution has proceeded to a level where a revival of Fascism and Naziism is no longer possible. Only this will guarantee that there is never a Naziism 3.0.

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