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The Climate Xhosa

inducing entire populations to self destruct

Once upon a time there was a large tribe in South Africa called the Xhosa. They lived by raising beef cattle and planting maize. Their political structure was very decentralized, with a high chief presiding over a large number of clan chiefs who were often in conflict with each other.

They had been at war with the white settlers of the British Cape Colony for eighty years and had been pushed out of some of their original lands. In all they had resisted pretty well. The British governors were forced to deal with the chiefs, although they kept trying to divide them.

What started to cause the Xhosa more trouble than European settlers armies were diseases introduced from abroad. A lung disease of cattle had been brought in when white settlers imported breeding stock to improve their own herds. This disease became established among the Xhosa cattle, which had weak resistance to it.

Also at that time, a maize boring insect became established in the Xhosa lands. The Xhosa had a hard time managing these diseases in order to maintain healthy herds and crops. There were hard times in Xhosa land but the Xhosa chiefs were still able to defend their frontier with the Cape Crown Colony.

Then several witch doctors and other characters announced that they were seeing visions from the ancestral spirits. The ancestors were saying that they had made some kind of deal with a magical people called Russians, who had recently defeated the British in a place called Crimea. The Russians had also killed a British general and governor whom the Xhosa had had great problems with.

If the Xhosa would kill all their old cattle and burn their crops, and destroy their seed, the ancestors, with the help of the Russians, would bring them new and better cattle and crops. Some of these prophets said that new, healthy herds and crops would spring out of the ground overnight.

At first most Xhosa were very skeptical. Then a young girl said she had seen visions while walking along the river separating Xhosa lands from the Cape Colony. She brought some local chiefs to see for themselves.

The chiefs saw strange objects and noises from across the river. Some of them became convinced there was something to this and started slaughtering their cattle. Other chiefs and notables were encouraged to come to the sea coast at a set time, where they witnessed strange objects moving on the water, strange noises, and marvelous lights in the dark.

The cattle killing cult began to spread among the Xhosa. Some of the chiefs tried to stop it. Others seem to have seen it as a way to ruin rival chiefs.

Christian missionaries tried to halt the cattle killing. The colonial government forced them to stop. The Governor spread a story that the Xhosa were killing their cattle because they were preparing for all out war on the colony.

The cattle killing cult went completely out of control. People who tried to stop it were killed. As the new, perfect cattle failed to appear, the cultists claimed it was because too many people had not killed their cattle yet.

Starvation spread in Xhosa land. Many Xhosas tried to flee into the Cape Colony, but were not allowed in unless they agreed to become bonded labourers.

Suddenly after a year, most surviving Xhosa realized that the new crops and cattle were not coming. They turned viciously on the more prominent cultists.

Those cultist leaders who escaped the mobs were welcomed in the European settlements and given lands by the government. The same government forbade any aid from being given to the starving Xhosa masses.

It is believed that about 80% of the Xhosa died in this holocaust. Those who survived lost their land and became servants of white settlers. The Xhosa nation was utterly destroyed and gave the British empire no further trouble.

There are other, lesser examples of peoples begin suckered in mass by their enemies into self destruction. Many of them involve the British and other colonial empires. It seems not hard to do if people lack strong leadership and are already under stress.

The Xhosa story has implications for modern, urban people. We see present day examples of whole nations manipulated into self harming behaviour. For instance, in Ukraine we have seen a whole country suckered into an unwinnable war, leading to their total destruction, in order to serve the aims of imperialism.

Since the arrival of CV19, we have seen whole countries conned in numerous ways by ruling elites. The disease is not that serious, suppressing it interferes with civil rights, the cure can not be worse than the disease, the pandemic is already over. The most outrageous whopper is that the vaccines themselves are causing the disease.

The ruling elites of many countries are very hostile to increases in health spending, improved indoor air circulation, and restrictions on the power of employers over employees, which would be required to effectively control the pandemic. In many locations, it is clear that disease prevention, not the disease, is being suppressed. This is based on the idea that the ‘expensive people’; the elderly and disabled, and often the poor, can thus be reduced as a proportion of the population.

Yet by far the worst and most dangerous instance of psychological war on the entire human population is also the most hazardous to draw attention to. It is spread by roughly the same elite groups of people who are responsible for the mishandled pandemic and the provocation of unjust war. Studies of these people show them to be often the direct descendants of those European oligarchies which became wealthy from imperialism and colonization.

I mean the two ridiculous ideas that the warming trend on earth is being caused by a rise in atmospheric carbon dioxide, and that this warming trend is an actual problem. This is used to create a hysteria, which is used to force very destructive policies, and to silence opposition to them. The object is the deindustrialization and depopulation of the planet.

One of the most essential facts of the modern world is the presence of the Malthusian, Eugenic mentality among the Atlanticist elite. These are the people who get their revenues from owning land and resources, lending money, and brokering trade. Their wealth is usually inherited from many generations.

They are usually called The Financial Capitalists, as distinct from The Industrial Capitalists. It is the industrialists who want perpetual growth and technical advance, and an ever bigger human herd.

It is a difficult concept for many people, but the Financialists are generally threatened by growth and technological advance. They see most of the world’s population as a waste of resources and unnecessary to maintaining their control and living standards.

These are the people behind the present deindustrialization agenda. They are behind the “climate” lies intended to panic the population into going along with their own destruction. Above all, they are the grand masters behind the ‘green inquisition’ directed against anyone questioning this.

The truth about the earth’s ecology is simple. First of all, earth’s temperature is entirely controlled by solar cycles. The earth has been in a cooling cycle going on ten years now and likely to continue for another twenty, but which is inside a pronounced warming cycle going on for about 200 years, and this in turn is inside a long cooling cycle going on for 8000 years now.

CO2 in the atmosphere has nothing at all to do with it. The current planetary CO2 level is about 400 PPM and rising slightly. This has caused an increase in vegetation because plants use CO2 to grow.

During the last ice age the atmospheric CO2 was at about 200 PPM. If it went much below that plant life would be halted on earth. For most of earth’s existence the temperature and CO2 levels were much higher than at present, and life was much more abundant than now.

Therefore, earth would support more abundant life and a greater population if the temperature and CO2 level rose.

The green inquisition has no arguments at all against this, so they do not try. All they do is shout down, harass, and ‘cancel’ anyone speaking truth to them. They are like the Xhosa cattle killing cult, attacking anyone who resisted destroying their own means of existence.

Resistance to these people seems to be building. We must all hope it is strong enough, soon enough. We all need farming, fuel, and manufacturing in order to live.

But what is the motive behind these people obsessed with ‘climate doom’? I do not believe most people really buy into this nonsense. They go along with it out of conformity and plain fear of attack and ostracism.

Many of those pushing the climate hysteria are just vicious people. Others have cognitive problems; anxiety and credulity. I write much about the lack of critical reasoning skills in most people.

I also write about how many people have good information to communicate on subjects they have real expertise in, but then go outside of that and are taken in by disinformation campaigns. The problem here is, again, bad education. Proper thinking skills are not taught to the general population, or even to those given what passes now for higher education.

One could say that people have a responsibility to learn to think critically. But people are up against the huge pressure to conform, and the constant driving in of the idea that truth is relative, comes from authority, or is a social construction. Still, if one is going to hold ones self up as a public intellectual, that entails accepting responsibility for what one says publicly.

I remain connected over the net with people who are good at certain topics, who I have some sympathy for. But I am gradually growing less tolerant of those acting as auxiliaries to the green inquisition, or as useful idiots of the depopulation agenda. That includes people who treat the climate trope as axiomatic, for whom everything is validation of it, as if we did not have hot days, droughts, tornados, and so on, fifty years or a hundred years ago.

The consequences of the climate/depopulation agenda have not hit home so much in North America yet. It is already a lot heavier in Europe. Even there, its effects are somewhat obscured by those of the pandemic.

Eventually, as with the Xhosa, people will realize they have been suckered into destroying their own means of living. The rage will be intense. I will have little sympathy for the amoral agents of social demolition, or the zealots whose manipulations helped enforce it.

I am somewhat concerned by the naive people who believed in the climate trope due to flaws in education and character, thought that it must be true because everyone said it, and thought they were doing the right thing by echoing it and campaigning for it. It will be hard for them when this fake narrative finally falls. Then they would best shut up and hope everyone forgets they ever talked that ‘climate’ stuff.

I am not saying we should stop talking about the real threats to the planet and its capacity to support us. I will be blogging much about these. But we need to stop this diversion about ‘climate’ and start talking about ‘environment’ again.

By the way, the featured image for this piece is of a monument built over the mass grave of a large number of Xhosa men, women, and children who died of starvation during the great cattle killing of 1856. This has been the biggest and most successful example of psychological warfare against an inconvenient population.

Until now.

All those who are selling the ‘climate’ panic; stop it! Right now!

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