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Ukraine War Day #430: The Doors Of the Castle – Part I

Yes, here is something very rebloggable, from my electronic ally, Yalensis. I wonder if I can find a good video, subtitled, of this opera “bluebeard’s castle.”

A big theme of my own writing is people’s compulsion to self destruct under the influence of psychopaths.

I await the second half of this, probably reblog it as well.

Awful Avalanche

Legyen csukva a két ajtó.
Téljen dallal az én váram.
Gyere, gyere,
csókra várlak!

Nyissad ki még
a két ajtót.

Judit, Judit, csókra várlak.
Gyere, várlak. Judit várlak!

Nyissad ki még a két ajtót.
Keep the two doors closed.
Let my castle sing in winter.
Come come,
I'm waiting for a kiss!

Open it again
the two doors.

Judit, Judit, I'm waiting for a kiss.
Come, I am waiting for you. I'm waiting for you Judith!

Open the other two doors.

(Béla Bartók, “Bluebeard’s Castle”)

Dear Readers:

America to Europe: “Your place is on the floor, begging for my affection while I prepare my torture implements…”

Bartók’s brilliant opera tells the story of a beautiful but over-curious gal who fell for the wrong guy. For whatever reason: She coveted his castle and wealth; perhaps truly loved him; or was just obsessively…

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