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My blogging is an avocation. I am not trying to make money at it. I am a very good writer with a few things to say. I am attracting a few readers. Go ahead, subscribe.


January, 2022. It is time I wrote an “about me” for my internet project. I have just renovated my WordPress a little, creating some categories. I will create sub categories later. Some things can fit in more than one category.

I am getting my work read more on some other platforms. I get fewer readers on WP, which suggests some throttling is going on.

But WP it is a good place to organize my material so people can find it later. I also want my work up in more than one place.

I would prefer to build readership by word of mouth rather than through search engines. I think Search Engine Optimization SEO is a waste of time; everyone knows how things get ‘search optimized’ on the net.

I have five categories, organized left to right in the order I think people should look. ‘About Me’ obviously is the place for this page.

Fiction is of course for my fictional writings.

Stuff that Doesn’t Matter is also what it says; about topics which are interesting but not among the momentous issues of the day. It also includes things that were first tries at a topic.

I will definitely be creating subcategorize here. Some things will contain both ‘matters’ and ‘don’t matter’ stuff and will go in both categories.

Stuff that Matters is where my really topical writing will be. I have something to say about the urgent issues of the present day.

I have things to say that need to be listened to. However, from my understanding of the way people think and the way public discourse goes, and my own limitations at communications, I know I will have a hard time getting read.

However, I am usually not the only person saying these things and eventually they will get through.

Uncategorized will hold everything I do in the chronological order I put it out, for anyone who wants to go through it that way.

What this is.

My internet project is starting to have some modest success. I have been at it almost two years as of this writing. I am finding the right platforms for me, learning how to do this.

I keep getting nudges from the social media I use, to provide more information about myself. I have good reasons for staying fairly anonymous and not putting up pictures of myself.

However, since I have decided I am going to be doing this blogging thing long term, it is probably a good idea to explain something of who I am and what I want to do with my accounts and sites.

Selective Autobiography

Usually when I give people a “short biography” of myself, it is not well received. Some people disbelieve it. Some are offended or disturbed about it. Such people can go fuck themselves.

I am brilliant. I am not just more intelligent than most people but of a higher character. I have an innate and superior understanding of the right order of things. Had I been allowed to develop my potential I would have been among those fit to help lead the world in a positive direction.

You know what kind of people find that very threatening. This is why in my early years I was subject to efforts to, quite literally, destroy me. I was severely damaged physically and emotionally.

Because of this I have suffered medical complications all my life which were not diagnosed and treated until into middle age. I was also in some danger earlier in life from people trying to make me out as being mentally incapable or mentally ill so as to institutionalize and eliminate me.

It was hard to get correct treatment for, and it is still hard to get correct management of, my medical problems. Because of this, a normal path in life, a career and family, were not realistic.

However, I was gradually able to create a reasonably good life for myself. I eventually graduated from university with an ’honours’ in Political Science.

I have a few friends, mostly with similar life circumstances, but I have become habituated to a cerebral life. The limited energy and frequent mental fogginess of fibromyalgia inevitably isolates we fibromyalgians.

My medical problems also make me seem stupid and strange to some kinds of people. I get tired of being treated that way by people with a fraction of my intelligence.

I grew up in Alberta. I moved to British Columbia and then to Ontario. Toronto the good has been pretty good for me.

I used to spend a lot of time in various forms of political activism. I gradually became very disillusioned with that. None of these groups ever had any real solutions for the social problems which they seemed to see as their exclusive turf.

In the past I have done some writing. I decided to start blogging again how I have reached ‘retirement age’ and have no concerns about money. It seems to be a good choice.

My Motives for Blogging

I think I am almost the only blogger in the world who is not interested in trying to make money at it. I just want to be read and to have some ‘influence’ on the world. I think I have things to say that people should listen to.

If you want to make a living doing this, you have to find a large enough group of people and tell them what they want to read. I am not going to get such a big audience because I will tend to tell people what they do not want to read.

In the end, with my age and disabilities, there is not much else I can do. If I can sit up and tap a keyboard, and the stuff that comes out is coherent, I can keep doing it. I have decided that if two people read and understand something I wrote, it was worthwhile.

Basic Political Philosophy

If I were to try to explain my entire belief system, I would need to write about a 200 page book. Maybe someday. Until then I will dribble it out as I can fit it into the topic of the day.

I line up broadly with the Marxist heritage. I have found Marx’s ideas to be the only political or economic theory which predicts or explains anything.
However, I will easily work with a pragmatic, life premised person with conservative views.

I have two big problems with Marxism. First, the problems of the world are clearly deeper than just ‘class struggle.’ This is shown by the tendency of revolutions to turn into new tyrannies.

The problem is that the world is dominated by sociopaths. It is not run by them; they are incapable of running anything. Yet it is very hard to stand against people who will do anything to dominate because otherwise they would be nothing.

The world is run by those few people with intelligence and character, and who were lucky enough to be brought up so as to be able to use their intellect. There are not enough such people. They are a huge threat to sociopaths, but absolutely necessary to maintaining civilization and to the survival of most of human kind.

Then there are the people who can do nothing but try to live and build a good life in the world made by the best of people and corrupted by the worst. Some have limited abilities and some like me are unable to realize our full abilities.

There will be no real improvement to the human condition until sociopaths can be segregated from normal humans. That will require the only revolution which will ever matter, where human kind overthrows the sociopaths.

If that sounds too weird or extreme to you, then you will not like reading me. Yet the overall sociological and psychological knowledge of the human kind is increasing to a point where such an event is possible.

But back to Marxism. My second issue with Marxists is that they usually have this idea that it is bad somehow to work out what exactly capitalism is to be replaced by. We will get rid of capitalism and then start from there.

But they have no clear idea of how to get rid of capitalism, either. I say that to overcome capitalist oligarchy, we have to have a clear idea of what a post oligarchy society would look like. That will tell us how to go about overthrowing capitalism.

So that is what I try to blog most about; the post capitalist/oligarchic world and how to get us there. I think the basic ideas are there, ready to be used.

What is holding this back is not in getting people to take on new ideas, but in getting them to drop bad old ones. In other words, with ideological thinking.

This brings me to the most important political division in society. It is not left, right, and centre. It is ideological and non ideological personalities.

Ideological people have mental problems and cannot reason correctly, so they need someone to give them a narrative. Sociopaths are always there to give them one and that is how they dominate.

Non ideological people have, to varying degrees, learned proper ways of thinking. That is, to use the cognitive cycle to build schemata, mental models of reality which can be constantly adapted and refined.

It is very hard for sane, non ideological people to do anything in the face of crazy, ideological people who will do anything to make their delusions prevail. This is what is wrong with society and it comes out very strongly on the Internet.

As I said, shutting down these kinds of people will be the only revolution that will ever really matter. Of course, it is ridiculous to sit around on hold waiting for that to happen. It will happen when it is ready to happen. Meanwhile, life happens.

Why I use “Raccoon” as a handle.

I like raccoons. Something about them appeals to me. I used to have a family of them living almost under my window. I would sit up at night watching them. I was never so foolish as to approach them or try to feed them.

Also, some people think I look like a raccoon. My lifestyle has often been much like a raccoon; drawing existence from human society but staying separate from it and demanding to not be interfered with. I used to be a fairly nocturnal critter myself but I have changed.

A very long time ago, when the internet was young and I was new to it, I needed to quickly come up with a handle. ‘Raccoon’ popped into my head. I have been using it ever since.

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