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My blogging is an avocation. I am not trying to make money at it. I am a very good writer with a few things to say. I am attracting a few readers. Go ahead, subscribe.

  • Some Time Ago

    Some Time Ago

    I have been doing a clearance of some old writings I have on my hard drive. I am putting some of it up on the net. This is something I did for a creative writing class when asked to write something about time travel. It is a little dated, but that is appropriate given its…

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  • One plus one equals three.

    One plus one equals three.

    Do not be a denier! It is time to simply end all debate with those who continue to deny Tririthmic mathematics and science. The science is settled. Those who continue to make the assertion that one and one is two are working with misinformation operatives for big tech companies.A few people of low intelligence continue to…

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  • Mask of the Blue Death.

    Mask of the Blue Death.

    This is not allegory. I would never do that. This is mere fantasy. It is all about something that happens on Planet Nearth, where I often go when I want to be fantastic.It is on a slightly different time line than in my previous visits here, but has a few of the same characters and…

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  • A Very Vaccinating Planet Nearth Story

    A Very Vaccinating Planet Nearth Story

    How to do a Pandemic Response on an Inhabited Planet and not Disturb Anyone. Preface; This is a fictional story. I think fiction is often the best way to explain difficult ideas. The argument here is in the conflict some people find between their idea of civil liberties and the obligation of government to protect…

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  • Sacral Man

    Sacral Man

    A Parable for Whistleblowers Said the Traveller to the Trader as they marched into the main city of the state of Angeass; “Do you hear the crowd? We’re in time to see the alignment rituals starting.”Said the Trader to the Traveller; “Yes, the whole city must be there. The outskirts look deserted.There is the temple…

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  • Island of the Sirra.

    Island of the Sirra.

    “Take us to your ruler,” said the second legate to the first person they met upon coming ashore. The dirty and emaciated young woman, wearing only a ragged loincloth, her hair hacked short, stared torpidly at him then turned and pointed. The two legates and their party passed by her, and when she saw that…

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  • Baaah!


    What is the new Sheep Life Enhancement plan ( SHLEP?) In recent years many of our young sheep have become concerned about their personal security. There have been concerns that many shepherds are no longer acting for the long term benefit of their flocks. Due to misguided vegetarianism in recent years there have been a…

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