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  • The Vexations of Antivax Nation

    The Vexations of Antivax Nation

    I would have thought that an avowed ‘Marxist socialist’ would be the most immunized against public health misinformation. It is all coming from the same oligarchic capitalists who could care less if there is a highly dangerous disease circulating, which needs to be brought under control. They do not want public health systems they have…

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  • Covid is a Political Problem

    Covid is a Political Problem

    Then we will first of all have governments committed to protecting the public. These can then build the institutions to carry out a true public health agenda. These are the prerequisites for eliminating infectious diseases.

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  • Conflicting Theories about Covid.

    Conflicting Theories about Covid.

    Some Hold up and Some do Not. In the course of trying to find and blog sense and reality about covid, I get into some baffling social media exchanges. It seems that all the libertarian people are convinced that the Globalists are trying to kill them using covid. Yet they come up with conflicting theories…

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  • One Set of Covid Lies Versus Another.

    One Set of Covid Lies Versus Another.

    And Covid Truth Under Attack From All Sides. I just listened to one of Ehret’s podcasts. This one is with him interviewing one of these Antivax fake scientists. You can find it here until it’s not there.They basically repeat all the antivax tropes; nothing new here. It is the vaccines themselves which are causing all the…

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  • A reflection on ‘Collective Amnesia’

    A reflection on ‘Collective Amnesia’

    It is not a normal or inevitable thing. Here is my comment on something one of my fellow substackers wrote. It is so good I think I should post it. Find the article it responds to here.Wildfire almost has it right here. The thing to understand about “collective amnesia” is that it is not something natural.…

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  • Covid and Occam’s Razor.

    Covid and Occam’s Razor.

    Time to use some Abductive reasoning about The Pandemic. A little while ago I applied a different razor, Hanlan’s, to the problem of covid. That logical maxim states that you should not attribute to malice what can adequately be explained by incompetence. What I concluded was that malice usually comes from incompetence and incompetence usually…

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  • Covid and Hanlan’s Razor

    Covid and Hanlan’s Razor

    Malice and incompetence usually go together, not apart. Many of us have heard the maxim; “never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained  by mere stupidity or incompetence.” This has probably been stated in one way or other from the beginning of writing. It has been attributed to figures from Napoleon to Aristotle.Recently someone…

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  • About the Blue and Yellow

    About the Blue and Yellow

    Logic is not selective. It has to be applied through thefull spectrum of reality Now seems like a good time to write this. A couple of very big public follies are about to come to a moment of realization. My theme is my exasperation that so many people who seem immune to one bullshit narrative…

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