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The Ukraine War, made very simple

But you have to really want to know.


In the western world, we are now in a state where almost nothing told to the public by government and the official media has any relation to reality. Most people go along with it even though it is obvious that none of it adds up.

The western oligarchies have become very effective at cognitive population management. This does not mean they are really good at it. It is not hard to get people to consent to a phoney narrative when control of the population has become so close.

Total control of information is not necessary for them. They just need to make it socially and emotionally costly to contradict their narrative. There is no longer much effort to actually persuade people; it is all about confusion, intimidation and group conformity.

Most of the public has been divided into camps, controlled by different oligarchic factions with somewhat differing agendas. Cadres of professional mass cognitive managers recruit armies of malleable misfits to infiltrate into all areas of life and force conformity to a particular ideology. Most people simply give in and conform with whatever their social groupings have decided to go along with.

Yet there are plenty of people who see what is going on and make some effort at finding the truth. It is not too hard for anyone with an internet connection, some working brain cells, and some time, to find out the truth.

But they are unable to do anything about it. It is very hard for them to self organize. There are no resources, no organizing framework, no recognized leaders, to begin to mobilize against all the nonsense going on.

These kinds of people usually have a good knowledge of what is going on in particular topic areas. They can still get other aspects of reality totally wrong, because an effective information ecology is unavailable. That is, a way of reviewing all information, determining its veracity, distilling out the the misinformation and disinformation, and making the whole truth available in one place.

I try to act as a filter for right information on the topics I have developed some competence in. That is something I am good at. I am not so good at cracking all the barriers to finding and communicating with other truth seeking people.

It is probably just as well that I do not attract much attention. I never get the swarms of trolls which other “sentinel Intelligences” seem to draw. Nobody is bothering me.

But I do have the truth in the topics I have worked on, using the laws of thought. My explanations are simple and create no contradictions.

I am going to start a new series of posts on my topics of focus. I am going to focus on making them very simple, for those who want to know. Other people can use this as the frame within which to start their own inquiries, if they want to.

I will start with the Ukraine war. Below is the truth of the Ukraine conflict, broken down into essential elements, for those for whom the truth about it matters.


The idea that this conflict comes from a “Thucydides Trap” or “Thucydides Conflict” is widely sneered at by those committed to the Atlanticist narratives. That is, this conflict is like the one in ancient times between Athens and Sparta, as described by the historian Thucydides. An old power is in decline and feels threatened by a rising new power, and so needs to eliminate it as a threat.

In some ways, the present global conflict is so similar to this “trap” as to be comical. There are differences as well; this conflict is much more absolute. There is nothing which Russia and China can do to get peace except dismantle themselves.

The danger of this conflict going out of control and leading to a nuclear war is very great. Russia and China understand this very well. The leaders of the Atlanticist empire do not.

The Atlanticist empire or hegemony means the global power which developed in the lands around the North Atlantic over the past five centuries. These countries have fiercely fought each other to decide dominance within the global hegemony, which is often called “the western world”. This does not mean they to not have a common purpose in dominating the globe for the enrichment of their home countries.

The problem is that the ‘Atlanticists’ or ‘The West’ is now losing power rapidly. Russia and China have emerged as powers which the military organization of the Atlanticists, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, NATO, can no longer take on in a war. They have formed the ‘Eurasian Bloc’, and the world is rapidly shifting away from the Atlanticists and toward the Eurasianists.

The closely related groupings of very small elites which are in control in the west have become severely disconnected from reality. Many observers have made note of their very short term planning, their inability to assess risks, and inability to match aims with resources. They seem to believe they are invincible and can do anything they want.

In reality, the Atlanticists zone of control is shrinking back to the home countries, the “golden tenth” of the world’s population. Canada is of course within this zone. Control of the western populations is tightening as their economies fail and living standards decline.

As described in the preamble, western populations are becoming as delusional as the ruling elite. Most of them accept the most ridiculous things told to them. Government and economy are falling apart as only incompetent people, chosen strictly for loyalty to elite interests, who can be lead around by the nose, are allowed into key positions.

As this elite can no longer wage war effectively, it has turned to what it is now calling “hybrid war.” That is, economic warfare against target countries, attempts to isolate them from other countries and to try to ‘destabilize’ them with coups, support for revolts and terrorist groups, sabotage, and assassinations.

The main way the west wages ground war now is through proxy forces. That is, various kinds of military forces armed, trained, and funded to wage war on the targets of the western elites. In the past decade we have seen several very destructive proxy wars, most notably Syria and Yemen.


In Ukraine, western intelligence services have been able to turn a whole country into a proxy force against Russia. This is due to some unique characteristics of the Ukraine state.

Ukraine is an artificial state created by the Bolsheviks. It lumps together people who are historically hostile to each other. Since it became independent due to the fall of the Soviet Union, it has proved to be unstable and ungovernable, and thus increasing corrupt and impoverished.

During world war two Ukraine was under Nazi occupation. The Nazis encouraged an especially vicious local version of Naziism among the Galician speaking population in the North and West of Ukraine. These ‘Ukronazis’ committed such atrocities against their neighbours of different ethnicity, that even the German Nazis finally curbed them.

The Soviet Union wiped out these Ukronazis on its territory. But a large number of them were evacuated into the west. It is a shame on Canada that it granted a large number of these people asylum.

From the time the Soviet Union fell, western intelligence agencies worked to rebuild the Ukronazi movement in Ukraine. The descendants of the exiled world war two lunatics were a resource for this. In 2014, these Fascists had grown powerful enough to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine in a violent coup.

Russian speaking people in the south east of Ukraine refused to tolerate this. Their Donbas revolt is a rare example of a true spontaneous and successful popular uprising. The demoralized Ukraine army was driven out of the two Donbas provinces by local partisan forces, with little support from the Russian government.

The Ukronazi government was forced to sign the Minsk agreements because they were losing and needed to buy time. They never really complied with the agreements. The Ukronazi forces kept up steady harassment of the Donbas, with sporadic artillery bombardments, raids, sabotage, and assassinations.

For the next eight years the two Donbass republics stood up against the new Ukronazi regime in Kiev, run by Atlanticist intelligence agencies. There is much speculation about why Russia was so passive in the face of this. However, the Russian government made clear that it would intervene militarily if the Donbas people were in danger of being overrun by extremist forces calling for their expulsion from Ukraine, or even their extermination.

During this time the Ukraine army was rebuilt. A belt of fortifications was built around these republics. Late in 2021, the Ukronazi regime and its Atlanticist managers decided they was ready to take on Russia, so it began moving against Donbas.

Russia then intervened. The claims that Russia was not justified in doing so are all logically fallacious, and show a warped sense of morality. Anyone with a grasp of reality as it relates to modern international relations, and any sense of justice, is sick of hearing about ‘international law’.


Regarding the west, the war has been an example of escalating commitment to a failed proposition. The Atlanticists totally miscalculated, are unable to believe they have failed, have no backup plan, and no way to back away from the mess they have made.

The plan was that an all out assault on Donbas would force Russia’s intervention, which would create the excuse for ‘sanctions’ which would weaken and collapse the Russian economy. World wide public opinion would be turned against Russia. The Russian army would be caught in a trap, worn down against an enemy which could keep fighting for a long time.

The Americans knew that the sanctions, especially the cutoff of oil and gas, would be very damaging to Western Europe. This would play into their policy of weakening Europe and moving its industry to the United States.

The Oligarchic factions in control of the unaccountable European Union bureaucracy are not concerned with that. They want to weaken and destroy Europe’s nation states, which they have seen for centuries as a threat to them. They see development of “neofeudalism” as best insuring their continued control.

What happened instead, as a result of the Ukraine war, is that most of the world is rapidly turning away from the west, and toward Russia and China. These now generally viewed as being much safer to deal with. Western sanctions have in fact benefited the Russian economy by opening new markets for exports, and by removing foreign competition from its domestic markets.


The Russian army had some difficulties at the start of this war. Russians have not fought this type of war since 1945. Since it has gained experience and shaken deadwood out of the command structure, it has been doing quite well.

Obviously,Russia must proceed slowly and carefully in Ukraine. It is eventually going to have to govern Ukraine and repair all war damage. Thus it does not want to damage infrastructure more than necessary, or cause resentment among the civilian population.

In the first month the Russian army threatened Kiev to encourage the government to negotiate. It became obvious that the Ukraine government would be incapable of negotiating. Anyone trying to make peace with Russia would be killed by the Ukronazi lunatics.

So, Russia turned to a shrewd war of attrition. Its army stayed close to its own borders and bases. It let the Ukraine army exhaust itself making pointless attacks across open country without air support. The Russians let them come, slaughtering them with their superior air and artillery forces, and if the tactical situation turned against their advantage, they just pulled back.

The Ukrainian casualties have been huge. The Russian casualties have been slight. Few regular Russian troops have been deployed so far. Most of the infantry fighting has been carried by the Wagner company mercenaries and the Donbas militias.

By the summer of 2022, the Ukraine army’s Soviet era heavy equipment had been mostly destroyed. The effects of the Atlanticist’s economic war on Russia, and direction the conflict was going, were clear. Russia waited for the west to decide to negotiate.

Instead the west began rearming Ukraine with Soviet era weapons from eastern Europe countries, which its troops knew how to use. It also began sending in western equipment, which often went with western soldiers who knew how to operate them. With this new equipment, the Ukraine army went on the attack again in September of 2022.

The Russians were able to contain this attack, but realized they needed more troops. The Russian leadership seems to have discarded its last illusions about the west at this time. The Putin government had once been fairly pro western.


Russia now mobilized for serious war. Russia has a system of conscription. Fit men are trained and sent into a reserve. The peacetime army are volunteers.

For the last few months, mobilized reserves are being formed into units and trained. As of now, they are starting to be moved to the front. The Russian army is beginning a slow and steady forward roll.

Meanwhile, Russia permitted the four Ukraine provinces now freed from Ukronazi rule to hold referendums on joining Russia. All passed strongly. Interviews with residents of Kherson and Zaporizhzhia suggests that the main motive was a desire to live in a successful state, not a failed one.

The Ukraine army is now being steadily dug out of the dense fortifications around the Donbas republics. The Ukronazis have a pattern of bombarding the Donbas cities more fiercely the more they are losing. It is hoped that this atrocity against civilians will end as the front is moved away from them.


This is the state of the Ukraine war as of now. There is much speculation about the direction the war will take from here. The one thing that is very sure is that the Atlanticists will not win.

The really big question now is; what will the western elites do once they finally realize they are losing? Many people are noticing that the world is now closer to nuclear holocaust than it has ever been.

The best advice for people with a concept of truth and objective reality, who are living within the Atlanticist home countries, is as follows. Pay no attention to news about this war coming from the Atlanticist propaganda machine, or even worse, from people trying to be “balanced” about it. Listen to the side which is winning, has truth on their side, and therefore has no reason to lie.

Do not get into arguments with people who do not want to know the truth. Seek out other truthful people. Nothing can be done until these idiots fall, so until then protect yourselves and each other.

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