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About the Blue and Yellow

Logic is not selective. It has to be applied through the
full spectrum of reality

Now seems like a good time to write this. A couple of very big public follies are about to come to a moment of realization. My theme is my exasperation that so many people who seem immune to one bullshit narrative pile in fanatically with another.
The first folly is all the nonsense intended to divert, disrupt, and deactivate all attempts by responsible authority to deal with the covid/sars2 crisis. The second is the cretinous war propaganda intended to legitimate a hybrid war on a nuclear power which is not complying with the commands of the western elites.
There are other bad memes around, which trigger irrational responses in some people who had been able to think clearly about other topics. An example is the idea that the atmosphere is actually warming up because there is too much CO2 in it. However, I will focus on these two because I have examples at hand of dysfunctional thinking about them as well as having a situation of the brick wall rapidly approaching for both these ideas.
The covid/sars2 crisis has been unrolling for awhile. Effective response has been sabotaged mainly by two factions of the ruling classes. One is trying to sabotage pandemic measures, seemingly out of a neoMalthusian ‘population reduction” agenda. Then we have the “live with it, get back to work” faction.
The “covid is over” narrative is about to collapse in a big way. It is not because another big wave of the disease is coming although that probably will occur. The economic consequences of the effects on areas of the labor forces of various countries, of the “let it rip” policy, are starting to hit home.
I will not get into this in detail here, but the human race’s war against sars2/covid, meaning the war on the ‘Great Barrington Agenda’ and other elite concepts, is being won globally. The disease can be effectively suppressed, and is declining or eradicated in most of the world except in those lands under thrall to the Atlanticist empire. That includes Canada and the USA, where sars2/covid is humming along at a high and steady level.
The subjects of one side of my contradiction, the ones who have been very good on the pandemic but have gone batty about the Ukraine crisis, have set this out well. The growing supply chain and labor shortage problems are largely the result of the “long covid” syndrome.
It is not just that many people who had worked in key fields with a high risk of exposure are now chronically ill and disabled. People do not wish to work in such high risk fields where their lives and health are devalued to the point where they are prevented from even protecting themselves properly from infection.
Canada, despite having many fewer cases than many other places, has many more of these cases actually dying. This seems to be the result of the severely strained health care system, short funded for years before The Big Virus arrived. Competent people are now leaving the health system in droves, and it will collapse by the end of this year with very dire consequences to the economy and society.
Now to the other side of my contradiction; the “hybrid war” being waged by the Atlanticist elite against Russia and China. By Atlanticists I mean the financial elite which has ruled the world for a couple of centuries. It spread out from the countries around the North Atlantic, and as it collapses is now retreating back to that core, plus a few outposts. Canada is of course locked into this Atlanticist system.
“Hybrid War” is a euphemism for the dirty, vicious way the Atlantic empire goes after any country which has resources it wants, and which will not let it take them. The empire does not have effective military forces anymore, so it uses everything from economic sanctions to coups to proxy guerrilla forces to entire countries played as proxies against an enemy country.
To cover all this the empire has an enormous propaganda machine. Propaganda is really a trite term for the kind of advanced perception management it employs. However, like most bullshit it relies on getting to susceptible people first with the right emotional triggers, locking in a certain ‘frame set’, which is then hard to reset.
This is why, immediately after the Ukraine war began, I was disgusted but not surprised to find in my twitter feed a lot of fools putting Blue over Yellow Ukraine flags next to their twitter handles. I tried to figure out how to put a Russian flag next to mine. I seemed to have some sort of incompatibility between my MAC keyboard and twitter’s system.
What I instead decided to do was put up the St. George ribbon folded into a Z, as my twitter icon. That is, letter Z as in operation Z, as followers of the Russian operation into Ukraine had named it, from the Z marked on all Russian equipment, so they can tell friend from foe. Russian and Ukraine armies often use the same or similar looking equipment. I do not know what the Russians actually call their operation.
The St.George ribbon, three black and two orange stripes, is to Russians a symbol of their victory over Naziism in the second world war. During the Donbass revolt of 2014 the people there adopted it as a symbol of their objection to the coup in Kiev, organized by western intelligence services and carried through by neoNazi street gangs.
The response of the coup regime in Kiev, once it discovered it did not have a functioning army, was to send their Nazi goons to stamp out the “Colorados”. This refers to the similarity of the St. George ribbon to the Colorado beetle potato parasite. The two legged Donbass Colorados declined to be passively stamped out and repelled several attempts to crush them.
I am not here going into a history of the Donbass rebellion. That is for another blog post, but it is a great story. No Russian military unit prior to this year ever entered Donbass.
This war began when the Kiev regime decided it had built up its army enough to crush the Donbass militias, and was assured that NATO would come to its aid if Russia intervened. The Ukraine government then made two declarations which nullified any claim to protection under international law.
First, it tore up the treaty in which its independence from Russia was recognized and its borders guaranteed in return for renouncing nuclear weapons and returning the ones which had been based on its territory by the Soviet Union. Instead, the Kiev regime announced it was going to try to create its own nuclear weapons.
Second, Kiev threw out the Minsk accord in which it agreed to negotiate with the Donbass republics and to end attempts to retake them by force. Over seven years Kiev had refused to abide it anyway; it did not negotiate with Donbass. It kept up its attacks on the Donbass, with artillery bombardment, border raids, sabotage, and assassinations of Donbass leaders.
Kiev then openly declared its intent to retake Donbass. Documents captured by the Russian army show that the intent was, further, to either drive out or to kill the entire population of the Donbass. This is why the Donbass governments began a mass evacuation of women and children to Russia just before the start of the war.
Russia stated the aim of its operation clearly from the start. The Kiev government must recognize the autonomy of the Donbass, commit to neutrality, and denazify, meaning disarm the neonazi battalions and outlaw the neonazi parties. “Neonazis”means exactly that; people who consider themselves the successors to the murderous pro nazi militias which arose in Ukraine during world war two.
The West has been surprised for some reason that the Russian army has employed Russian military doctrines. That is, they try to separate their enemy’s units from each other, cut them them off from getting supplies and replacements, and slowly grind them down.
Russia’s clearly stated objective is to force the Ukraine army to leave areas of south Ukraine inhabited mainly by Russian speaking people who have been harshly persecuted by the mainly Galician speaking neonazis, while causing minimal harm to the civilian population and infrastructure. The Russian military are steadily succeeding while committing less than one tenth of their total forces.
Kiev has ordered its forces to stay where they are and fight to the death. They have negotiated only in bad faith and to try to buy themselves time. Their troops have tried to destroy everything they could not hold, used civilians as human shields, and committed atrocities against a civilian population they consider to be traitors or racially inferior.
The Kiev regime has worked with the west’s perception machine to conduct an intense disinformation campaign against the Russians, smearing them with exactly the crimes they themselves are committing, as sociopaths do with their enemies. The object is to create public support for rash measures to isolate and harm Russia, even if it also harms Western economies.
The Atlanticists clearly miscalculated many things, from how the Russians would fight to how severe would be the effects of their sanctions on their own economies. Their disinformation campaign has failed outside the core Atlanticist countries, and is starting to fail there too. It is now becoming clear that the Ukraine army has committed enormous war crimes and is now starting to collapse.
So I am starting to find fewer Ukraine flags on twitter. The brick wall is approaching for the followers of this delusion. The wall for the “covid is over” and “not that serious” crowd will be less sharply defined, but it is also coming on.
And so, back to the other side of my contradiction; the writers I follow for information about the Ukraine war and the geopolitical crisis flowing from it, who are good on the topic. Alas, many are ‘covid denier’ types, as in; “its all a hoax being used to take our ‘liberties’ away from us.”
Yet many of these people do understand the connections between the uncontrolled spread of deadly virus and the networks of biologic research labs the Atlanticists have set up all over the world. They are the ones the netlords seem most anxious to shut down.
I find it significant that I have yet to find among my good informers on the the pandemic and ‘zero covid’, any who also call out this obvious development of bioweapons. Even the ones who aren’t flashing Ukraine flags do not seem to want to touch this topic.
Once again, the thing which sorrowfully disappoints me in all this is the demonstration that so many people who are very rational and valuable on one topic can turn into complete fools on another. People who had been solid in their analysis of the geopolitical struggle between the Atlantic empire and the Eurasian powers, recycle complete nonsense about the sars2/covid pandemic. People who have been brilliant at cutting through the misinformation and disinformation about the great pandemic are now barking for war with a nuclear power.
It seems that people who are willing to apply reason and logic in all areas are very rare. Some people can be rational in an area where they have a deep knowledge. Then they encounter a subject they know little about and they are completely taken in by emotional manipulation.
Otherwise intelligent individuals misjudge situations by using emotion and fake moralizing to fill in for an absence of fact and logic. Measures to control and eliminate covid are not an unreasonable restriction on anyone’s personal freedoms. The Russian special operation into Ukraine is highly justified under the concepts of international law which the western Atlanticist powers themselves have promoted.
The main thing which marks a properly educated mind is the ability to withhold judgment on any topic, suspend emotional responses, investigate properly, then draw conclusions when enough information has been obtained. Then of course, to test these conclusions.
We see this kind of cognitive failure in the Atlanticist ruling elite. The various brick walls which the Atlantic world is about to hit almost simultaneously are the consequence of this failure by its elite rulers to see the connections between things and thus to anticipate the consequences of their actions.
Ninety percent of the planet has applied some science and is learning to control covid, is actually ‘moving on from it’, while the Atlanticist ten percent is self destructing by deciding to be ‘over with covid’.
Simultaneously, ninety percent of the planet does not buy the Atlanticist ‘west’ and it’s justifications for war on Russia and China. They are distancing from it and aligning themselves with a newly emerging world order.
Few people in the Atlantic world are yet able to put together a complete and integrated picture of these Developments. Why they cannot is in itself a pretty complicated subject, which should be part of some more blog posts. Subscribe. Read.

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