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One Set of Covid Lies Versus Another.

And Covid Truth Under Attack From All Sides.

I just listened to one of Ehret’s podcasts. This one is with him interviewing one of these Antivax fake scientists. You can find it here until it’s not there.
They basically repeat all the antivax tropes; nothing new here. It is the vaccines themselves which are causing all the covid sequelae. I have heard all this credibly debunked many times but it just keeps rolling on.
I could write several articles about all this but I am busy with something else right now. The basic question to be asked of these people is; who the hell are you? Why should we trust you more than the incompetent public health officials who have botched covid response?
The antivax campaign is obviously well organized and funded. It clearly tracks back to the oligarchic faction which wants public health systems eliminated. That is, those who want no public health measures because they get in the way of the profit stream and the tight control of the labor supply.
I will trust and take information from the people who have been proven right, from the start, about everything to do with the pandemic and who are not in anyone’s pocket. The good thing which will finally come from the pandemic is consolidation of the revolution against both of the main oligarchic factions fighting to control the narrative and the population. Ehret and friends are agents for one of these factions.
I am not interested here in getting into a prolonged debunk of the antivax side of the anti people equation. The pro people movement cannot overcome all this noise, but have the facts available for those who want to know. Right now we are a little demoralized by the news coming from China.
There are plenty of good, truth seeking people on the net. Twitter is always a good place to start and here are the good people to follow. They keep getting knocked out but new ones rise up.
They are the place to start to go as deep into it as you want. (If you cannot get the link to work, try pasting it into Twitter search. Twitter is something else these days!)
Dr. Lisa Iannattone @lisa_iannattone
Jessica Wildfire @JessicaLexicus
Anthony J Leonardi, PhD, MS @fitterhappierAJ
Covid19 @friendlycovid19
Henry Madison @RageSheen
Birgit Uwaila Umaigba @birgitomo
World Health Network @TheWHN
Malgorzata (Gosia) Gasperowicz @GosiaGasperoPhD
The only points I would make in answer to Ehret’s crap are; the hypocrisy of claiming to worry about the effects of human reproduction of mRNA vaccines. This is from someone who promotes nuclear power, the chemical industry, and genetically modified organisms.
The trope that the vaccines “haven’t been tested”. These vaxes have been used for domestic animals, against diseases similar to covid, for a generation. There is no rule that new vaccines cannot be used widely for twenty years; in the face of new diseases like covid, that is ridiculous.
We have over a century of experience with many types of vaccines. If they have seriously bad effects, these effects are apparent within a year.
The trope that “vaccines did not end the pandemic, so they did not work”. No one said the vaccines themselves were going to be enough to end the pandemic. Few vaccines are even close to one hundred percent effective.

The core message of the public health side of this triangle is that covid is going to collapse the economy and society if it is not dealt with. This requires people changing the way they do things, and putting money into the public health system. Modern ways of living require that airborne diseases be eliminated, in the same way that urbanization in the nineteenth century required serious measures to eliminate waterborne and food borne diseases.
The bullshit arguments then against cleaning water and food are very similar to the nonsense now against cleaning the air. Interferes with “rights”, power grab by governments, slows the economy and the profit stream, real cause is elsewhere, and so on.
What has not been said enough yet is that covid is basically a political, not a public health problem. Ending it will require serious change in how government works. Competent and incorruptible people must be in charge of things and theirs must be the only narrative.
Happy New Year.

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