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Keys to the Castle

Random impressions from observing the world folding as it should

This will not be a structured piece. My aim is simply to recount the impressions flowing in on me as I connect electronically with the world. My main interest is in the great war going on now between one particular world view, and the rest of the world.

This is still mostly an information war, but it is gradually turning into a military one. It is a Thucydides type of conflict, with a formerly dominant power rapidly losing its dominance. I am in the interesting electronic age situation of being physically inside the Atlanticist empire, but able to get outside of its reality distortion field with little difficulty.

This says much about the nature of propaganda and population control. It is not about keeping the public in the dark and feeding it bullshit. It is really more about subliminal intimidation; people’s fear of being ‘outsided’.

The big reason why I am immune to such control is that I do not care what anyone thinks. I do not have to. My life is now arranged so I can sit in comfort and connect electronically to the world, including the world outside The Bubble.

I will not be personally effected by any of this until the breakdown becomes absolute. I can form an objective picture of events and write about them to whoever is interested. I always have a few readers, but nobody like me will ever get a lot of them.

So here are some things which came down the cable over the past few days and made an impression in my brain, often causing me to interact. I will make some comments on them, but no grand conclusions. I will save that for subsequent writings.

Last Friday evening, April 28, I thought to tune into CBC (Canadian Bullshit Corporation) to see what “The News” was in the Canadian establishment’s alternate reality. I still watch local coverage on ‘The Ceebe’, but its national and international coverage is becoming intolerable.

To be suitably ‘both sides’ about this, I report that ‘RT’, the Russian “state controlled media”, is also seriously declining in viewability. In its glory days, Alyona Minkofsky and Abby Martin inhabited its Washington studios. Peter Lavelle had not started bringing these libertarian crackers onto his show.

Since the special operation and its removal from cable networks in the west, RT seems to have started aligning itself with the far right in the states, to an extent in Canada, and in Europe, it seems. The idea seems to be that since it is mostly the right who oppose hostilities with Russia, while the left is screaming for war, they will tilt right. RTs old approach was to try to appeal to the American Liberals.

I would advise my old friend Putin that this new policy is bad strategy, especially in Canada. I would suggest more Alex Mihailovich and less Rachel Marsden. I am sure they could also find some Canadian contributors who are ‘left’ of Alex but not part of the ‘wokists’.

Most Canadians can do without Marsden telling us how mean old Justin Trudeau is suppressing the ‘liberties’ of the honkie convoyers in Canada. These are the people who disrupted the county’s capital and key border crossings for several weeks. The hard core among them were amassing weapons, plotting assassinations of police, and hallucinating the overthrow of the government.

New scandals are erupting in Canada about the relationship these people have with far right politicians. The leader of the federal conservatives is trying to downplay this relationship, causing some of his support to go back to the fringe parties. Yet the crazy premier of Alberta is openly friendly with the convoy buddies.

Worse, it is being revealed that the creepy premier of Saskatchewan has a hand in organizing these far right groups. There was a constant communication between his office and the convoy organizers when it was going on. Added to this is the revelation that the convoyers got a good part of their funding from mysterious sources in the UnIted States.

On the pro Russia internet forums I often hang out in, the idea is often expressed that this ‘convoy’ phenomenon is directed against Christia Freeland. These people believe she is really running the government in Canada. The honkie convoys are a Canadian extension of the Trumpist of ‘MAGA’ movement in the states.

Enough about RT and its Rightward Tilt. This is why I am watching it less, although it is actually easier to get than before it got ‘banned’. They have improved their web site and it is easier to stream.

My big source for big coverage of world events is now China Global Television (CGTN). This goes with my declining enthusiasm for Russia as a source of leadership and inspiration against the forces of Atlanticism. China will be the world leader in this century for a reason.

The thing with Russia is this; it has not really worked out an effective governing system since the fall of the Soviet Union and the Yeltsin years. It is still being controlled by oligarchs; just an ever smaller circle of them. The particular group around Putin are the ‘patriotic’ oligarchs.

The Putin pals are committed to conservative libertarian ideals. They want to maintain their wealth and power and have gradually come to think they have a right to it. Yet they also have an emotional attachment to Russia and to the Orthodox Church.

What is a bit singular is that they still have an attachment to some of the odd ideas of the old Soviet communists. They dislike nationalism. They think Russians and Ukrainians are really one people.

They like being oligarchs but they resent the western oligarchy. They have spent twenty years gradually pushing out the pro western oligarchs. They are also very cautious and have done everything they possibly could to avoid a confrontation with the west.

These people, and Putin himself, are now aging. There seems to be no second generation of patriotic Russian oligarchs coming up. Their support among the Russian public is broad but shallow.

If they try to act too strongly on their underlying libertarian ideas, they could quickly lose popular support. This was shown a few years back when Putin raised the retirement age.

The old communist party is still a strong force in Russia, the second party in the Duma. In recent years they have been gaining support from the younger generation. They are a strong obstacle to any dismantling of social supports.

The communists also insist on a strong stand against western aggression. They are united in this with the nationalist groups in the Duma. Support for the western war, and the “rally round the leader” effect regarding Putin and his cabinet, is very strong.

Russia is in a condition to outlast the west in this conflict. It is not clear what will replace VVP when inevitably he leaves the scene. A move to the left is most likely, with enhanced social provisions and increased government planning.

Much of the Russian intelligentsia express admiration for the Chinese way of doing things. Of course, that is becoming a world wide phenomenon. A big proponent of this view in Russia is Sergei Glaziev, who worked with Putin in the 90s, ran against him twice in the 2000s, and since 2010 has worked for the Eurasian Economic Union and is considered to have had a strong hand in developing the new international currency system.

So we see, that we develop a much clearer idea of what is going on in the world when we make some effort to study the internal workings of influential states like Russia. To do that we need to use an internet connection with some effect, and get outside the great Atlanticist information bubble, but also other dishonest misinformation projects.

This leads me back to where I started; watching the CBC ‘nooze’ and hearing about Russians zapping civilians in Ukraine. Briar Stewart, once a good ‘on the spot’ reporter, disgraced herself by recycling Ukronazi nonsense about the Russian air force knocking the top floors off of apartment buildings somewhere in Ukraine.

I promptly pulled up South Front. It had already laid up a cogent account of what was going on. The Russians are fighting a war, their enemy continues to mass forces and supplies for attacks, the Russian air force regularly goes after these concentrations, and likes to do so in waves so as to saturate their enemy’s air defences.

The notorious Russian propaganda outlet described exactly what the Russian air force was going after; command and control centres, munition and fuel stockpiles. They took out a big stockpile of air defense missiles. They used ‘stand off’ missiles launched form aircraft, which mostly hit their targets.

South Front continued, explaining that no civilians or civilian infrastructure were targeted. Civilian electrical and water supply were not effected. The tone was of people who know they have truth on their side, and have no need to engage in misinformation.

The civilian damage was caused by the incompetence of the Ukrainian forces, who locate military targets close to civilian areas, then engage them over these areas. The objects that fell on apartment buildings were wreckage from hits, or failed Ukraine air defence missiles. It is possible, given the mentality of some of the Ukrainian ruling junta, that they targeted these buildings deliberately.

All this was delivered in under three minutes.

A bit later I heard what CGTN had to say about it. They disposed of it quickly. There is a war, the Russians conducted some air strikes, a few civilian buildings in Ukraine were damaged, it is unclear how they were damaged.

The next day some other interesting information came from the Russian side. After a month of being coy about it, Russia acknowledged that it knocked out NATO’s ‘Parallel General Staff’ in Ukraine last month.

These were about 400 people in a bunker 120 meters below Kiev; NATO military and intelligence people, civilian contractors, all running the Ukraine side of the Ukraine war. They are all now dead. It may be impossible to recover all the bodies.

This could be why the Ukraine army is unable to get its mighty ‘counteroffensive’ going. It may also explain why the ridiculous sock puppet president of Ukraine is starting to look like he is close to a mental breakdown.

When one gets away from deliberate attempts to disinform and create panic, tune into varied and ‘matter of fact’ information sources, one becomes much more sanguine. The world is not doomed. In fact, while there are many worrying things going on, in general the world is going in a good direction.

It is also possible to have enjoyable and informative discussions over the internet pipes, without getting mixed up with Twitter and other proprietary platforms and their problems. One of the best platforms is the comments boxes of other bloggers with whom one is sympatico. I often get into some good discussions in Yalensis’ playpen.

Last week we had some discussions about what the weather was like where we were. This turned into discussions of weather modification and weather war. I learned that much of my knowledge of that topic was out of date.

One nice lady informed me that here is now seismic warfare. This likely has something to do with the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. We had a long and enjoyable conversation on this cheerful topic.

Over the weekend I had another interesting discussion, this one about an opera. Yalensis put out something about an opera he likes. He connected it with the behavior of the European leadership. I rarely reblog stuff but I reblogged this.

I looked into this opera, Bluebeard’s Castle by Bartok, and came out with the following response. Yalensis thought I had a pretty deep insight into it. Below it is a link to the version of it which I watched.

Hi, Yalensis;

I am glad you pointed me to this Bluebeard’s Castle thing. Normally I hate operas but this was interesting. I watched a different performance than you did.

I also read a few reviews and summaries. It is amusing that none of them seem to get the point at all. They do not really want to get the point.

It is surprising this opera is performed so much, despite that it is cheap to put on, only an hour and only two characters. It is not surprising that Bartok got labelled as crazy all his life, and was frequently in financial problems.

It strikes me that the way Bluebeard grooms Judit for her role as his ‘Queen of the Night’, is similar to the way people are selected and indoctrinated for the Freemasons. At every door, he is testing her and giving her the chance to back out.

She is the really scary one in this story. It becomes clear why she is willing to accept him and the role he offers her. She makes a great show of being horrified at the evil he does, but she is clearly not really bothered much by it.

She has some angst about what she is going to have to give up. She will have to become complicit in all his crimes. But what she wants most of all is to be free from human society.

It is interesting how Bartok evolves the story away from the old folk tale, in which Bluebeard simply murders his wives, one after the other. In Bartok’s version, they are all together as a type of zombie, willingly carrying out his intentions.

This theme recurs often in literature all down the ages, from Mephistopheles to Gilgamesh and maybe one or two SciFi stories. This is because it is a common way for oligarchies to operate all down history. They recruit flawed people, who want power or autonomy which they are unable to get by themselves, who are willing to serve malevolent forces and carry out dirty work, in exchange for that.

This is why, all over the western world, the visible authorities are such mediocre people. And, why they usually seem totally indifferent to what the public thinks. They are in Bluebeard’s castle, wearing the clothes he laid on them, and indifferent to the world.

The only thing which might shake such people is if Bluebeard’s castle really started to collapse. It would not be apparent to them until it came down around their ears. Then they will cry big lakes of tears and sing about how horrible it all was, but they were deceived, or they could not do anything, or so on.

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